Traducción de examiner en español:


examinador, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪɡˈzæmənər/ /ɪɡˈzamɪnə/

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  • 1

    examinador masculino
    examinadora femenino
    • You need to justify your approach - don't assume the examiners share your views.
    • A written response to the report is sent to the external examiner within three months of receipt.
    • Currently exam centres have to hand in coursework on paper to be "moderated" by examiners.
    • The oral examination is traditionally an unstructured face to face session with the examiners.
    • I saw my name on the list of candidates who had satisfied the examiners in the final examinations.
    • Examiners then asked the participants to solve a series of "meaning insight" problems.
    • Examiners expect the results, which will be released to schools on Thursday, to show a pass rate of more than 96 %.
    • Examiners have also complained about lower standards of literacy.
    • Stand-in examiners have been drafted in to supervise the 28 tests carried out each day at the centre.
    • Examiners want to read the students' own understandings in response to their question.
    • In the sentence repetition subtest, the child repeats verbatim sentences that the examiner reads aloud.
    • For example, in my case one examiner was unsure why I had used a certain metric.
    • By the time it reaches an examiner, they explained, several layers of privilege have coated a middle class child's coursework.
    • Examiners who have previously assessed a student are not assigned to be an examiner for that student.
    • I recall once being at an oral examination with Harry as external examiner.
    • Toward the end of my grilling, one examiner pointedly asked me how much time I had in that particular type of plane.
    • Edexcel can provide assistance in selecting potential examiners for Edexcel courses.
    • The fact that I already had a doctor's degree, just like the examiners sitting in judgment, gave me the assurance I needed.
    • This is basically an oral defence of her thesis; a combination of debriefing and discussion with her examiners.
    • The examiner ensured that the participants understood the directions and instructions prior to commencement.