Translation of example in Spanish:


ejemplo, n.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzæmpəl/ /ɪɡˈzɑːmp(ə)l/ /ɛɡˈzɑːmp(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (specimen, sample)
    ejemplo masculine
    an example of her work una muestra de su trabajo
    • he cited the example of Roosevelt puso a Roosevelt como ejemplo
    • he cited the example of penicillin puso como ejemplo el caso de la penicilina
    • If any of you can provide me with examples of this character's cretinhood, I will happily publish them.
    • The strap-ends are decorated with animals and are the largest and among the finest examples from the period.
    • To establish this, Porter probes both the general context and specific examples.
    • Such detail is characteristic of the fascinating examples and cases explored in this book.
    • Noun gender is an example of a more general phenomenon, that of inflection classes.
    • It was intended only as a general example of how language use and acceptability varies.
    • He said that this was an example of a general immunity for acts done in the course of litigation.
    • These are only some illustrative examples from myriad stories and they go back several years.
    • They provide one of the few examples of true monogamy among the mammals.
    • Paramesvara gave several illustrative examples of the method in his commentary on the Aryabhatiya.
    • Some illustrative examples will serve to show the behaviour that is required of law schools by this model.
    • In these two examples, the character becomes a friend and helper to the hero.
    • Its definitions are generally supported by examples of usage taken from the corpus.
    • In spite of his stupidity, or maybe because of it, Goodman is a fine example of a character we love to hate.
    • Among her examples were bags, picture frames, and wall hangings in a variety of styles and work disciplines.
    • Bulgarian history also provided some modern examples of architecture and style.
    • As just one of many examples we already provide care for the frail and vulnerable in our society directly into their homes.
    • The scenes and stories of people in Africa provide dramatic examples of extreme poverty.
    • I'm desperately trying to recall examples to illustrate any of this, and completely failing.
    • What I love about the best bloggers is how they use specific personal examples to illustrate a point.
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    • 2.1(model)

      ejemplo masculine
      to set sb an example darle (el) ejemplo a algn
      • to set an example for or (British also) to sb darle (el) ejemplo a algn
      • to follow sb's example seguir el ejemplo de algn
      • her courage is an example to us all su valor es un ejemplo para todos nosotros
      • He then took a serious tone and spoke of the need for leading officials to set an example.
      • It feels it should set an example by reducing the numbers of cars in the city.
      • One of the key recommendations was the use of role models to set an example to younger generations.
      • You are your child's best teacher, so set an example through your own behaviour.
      • If they can't set an example to their child when they're young then will it really know any better?
      • Other writers stressed the need for a samurai to set an example to the lower orders of society by his conduct.
      • Withington said he had to take a stand on the issue to set an example for his boys.
      • The seniors must set an example to the juniors by their conduct on and off the field.
      • He is also trying to set an example to every group of workers fighting against low pay.
      • The Gospel offers both good and bad examples with regard to how this ought to be done.
      • It uses sporting figures as examples and role models, giving the children someone to relate to.
      • She was, and remains, one of the finest examples of making it big on one's own terms.
      • Finally, yes Muslims believe Muhammad is a perfect example for us to try and imitate.
      • The most key people in setting an example to the next generation are parents and guardians.
      • What a shining example of the younger generation and their respect for the elderly.
      • The winners of the awards will be those who provide excellent examples of good youth work practice.
      • He wished more young people would take a leaf out of his book and follow his example.
      • Maggie Stratton saw first hand how her example could be followed in our county.
      • She spoke of her as a very diligent student, a girl who was a good example for all to follow.
      • We seek to follow the example of Christ who calls us to love our neighbour as ourselves.

    • 2.2(warning)

      let this be an example to the rest of the class que esto le sirva de escarmiento al resto de la clase