Translation of exasperation in Spanish:


exasperación, n.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˌzæspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɪɡˌzɑːspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɛɡˌzɑːspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    exasperación feminine
    leave me alone! she cried in exasperation —¡déjame en paz! —gritó exasperada
    • Terel stopped in his tracks and turned to her, agitated exasperation on his face.
    • Now instead of the anger and exasperation, an emotion more like dread clouded his mind.
    • Spear's face was full of exasperation and worry, as he shoved his way through the crowd.
    • Who do you know in your life who is a source of pain, annoyance or exasperation?
    • His mood ranged from nervousness and exasperation to contempt and defiance even anger.
    • And to top it all off, there are aphorisms, rubrics, musings, meditations, exhalations, exasperations.
    • They have been torturing each other for decades, giving vent to shouts and exasperations, though at night they sleep in adjoining double beds.
    • Considering he and Stimac put 16 hours a day into the place, his exasperation is justified.
    • My own daily dose of exasperation and humiliation comes courtesy of Bandit, a three-year-old Dalmatian.
    • said the steward who, with exasperation, surveyed the teenager who was wearing full cricket gear.
    • He smiled patiently, betraying only a small hint of exasperation.
    • I sighed in exasperation as I realised Evaline hadn't even started on dinner yet.
    • The exasperation disappears from their voices as they deal with customers.
    • Such exasperation may have led to posters being stolen and vandalised but there could be another reason.
    • But there was a tangible atmosphere of exasperation towards the week's end.
    • The exasperation, while he seeks to put a lid on it, spills forth.
    • In fact he smiled on quite a few occasions, though probably more out of exasperation than anything else.
    • No opportunity for zaniness is knowingly passed up, to the exasperation of the long-suffering staff.
    • My feeling was more of exasperation at this point because I knew what we had gotten ourselves into.
    • My response to these complaints is a slight feeling of exasperation.