Translation of excavate in Spanish:


excavar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɛkskəˌveɪt/ /ˈɛkskəveɪt/

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transitive and intransitive verb

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    • There were no tools found in the churchyard so it is not yet clear how the hole was excavated and officers are not aware of any history of vandalism at St Martin's.
    • We excavate a hole, put our tent inside it, and start winter camping for a few days.
    • At least two of them have developed blades that allow you to use a tooth bucket for more than excavating a hole or digging a trench.
    • It then backed up a bit and repeated the procedure once more, excavating another hole next to the first one, and then one more after that.
    • This had been built several years ago, when the drain tile went in, by excavating a hole and building the brick catch basin in the hole.
    • I settle into a large sandy hole previously excavated by a turtle.
    • The massive females drag themselves well up beyond the high-tide mark and excavate a hole with their rear flippers.
    • It is common knowledge that when a hole is excavated, and then refilled with soil, settling can occur at the site.
    • The bottom of the garden has been looking literally like a bombsite for some time, while we have been moving the patio and excavating a hole for the bog garden.
    • Apart from cleaning out existing sites, White Paws also excavated new holes wherever the cover was good and the ground soft.
    • Meanwhile, a tunnel is being excavated so that guests won't have to bother themselves crossing the main road to get to the golf course.
    • The toad doesn't really need us to make him a home, both the spadefoot and Colorado river toad can excavate burrows almost three feet deep.
    • In their natural state wombats excavate large burrows where they will generally spend the day, coming out in the evening to feed.
    • Add to that a bus tour of the quarry where political prisoners excavated limestone and dug themselves a privy, and the beach where those who are now the country's leaders gathered kelp, and the value is beyond question.
    • Once the street was excavated to the proper depth, a thick concrete base was poured.
    • I made an abortive attempt to excavate a burrow today and catch one.
    • Cane rats also are good diggers and excavate shallow burrows as shelters.
    • They excavate burrows in soil or use natural rock crevices, or they may use old burrows.
    • Each of six trenches being excavated simultaneously had its own sieve in operation.
    • Over a number of weeks a trench was excavated in the river bed on each side of the estuary.
    • A newly excavated shallow pond has created greater surface water for wetland wildlife.