Translation of except in Spanish:


menos, prep

Pronunciation /ɪkˈsɛpt/ /ɛkˈsɛpt/

Definition of menos in Spanish


  • 1also except for

    (apart from)
    everyone was invited except (for) me todos estaban invitados menos / excepto / salvo yo
    • I'd do anything for you, except give up my job haría cualquier cosa por ti, menos / excepto / salvo dejar mi trabajo
    • I hardly see her these days except at work salvo / excepto en el trabajo, apenas la veo últimamente
  • 2

    except for si no fuera por
    • I'd tell you, except for the fact that … te lo diría, si no fuera por el hecho de que …


  • 1archaic

    (+ subjunctive) a menos que
    • Till today he never talks about my work except to offer bits of useful criticism.
  • 2

    except that pero
    • except pero
    • I'd stay longer, except (that) I have to be up early tomorrow me quedaría un rato más, pero / si no fuera porque mañana me tengo que levantar temprano
    • I have a similar problem, except that mine is all to do with people who are lost.
    • Mr Greeno in his first statement said nothing about this except that the owner was not CCUK.
    • It felt like I was in the torture scene from a science fiction movie, except that it didn't hurt.
    • It has nothing to do with it except that it has a lot to do with his own credibility on various issues.
    • It was said to have a similar appearance to the original homestead, except that it was built in brick.
    • So far, no word is out on where the show will be shot exactly, except that it will be somewhere near Panama.
    • It's an impressive record, except that it loses some of its gloss on closer examination.
    • The second half was really a mirror of the first, except that the Wolfhill defence was more solid.
    • She had been unable to say where she was except that it was wooded.
    • The Medium Lobster is a higher being, except that it doesn't look that way to us.
    • Pretty ordinary flat type food I think except that we hardly ever had vegetables.
    • It was like being in busy shipping lanes, except that they were full of whales.
    • And this for a game which had no special appeal except that it featured the old rivals.
    • Similar techniques are also being used to produce chocolate which is normal in every way, except that it is chewy.
    • The main design of all the houses was the same except that it varied in size.
    • He understood them, except that there were some parts he was not able to finish.
    • There was a light, cool breeze, which was pleasant enough except that it made the skin feel chilled and clammy.
    • It's all like home, except that here food is made and served with scrupulous hygiene.
    • Technically, it's very similar to the prosthesis I have now, except for one major difference.
    • The public transport is pretty good, except for the buses at rush hour when it's rather nasty.

transitive verb

  • 1formal

    to except sth/sb from sthformal exceptuar algo/a algn de algo
    • There are a few abbreviations, things like SMTP and HTTP and such, that are specifically excepted from this rule.
    • Not a creature was to be seen in the room or at the door as I passed out - always excepting the man with the cough.
    • Yorkshire women were to be excepted from any criticism he added, because they ‘always have dinner on the table when you get home’.
    • That was Edmund Wilson's judgment in 1950, and in view of the half century since I see no reason, not excepting Wilson's own career, to alter it.
    • They also retain their share of misery, however, and misery is most of what you find in the other cities, not excepting the state capital.
  • 2excepted past participle, (after noun: as preposition)

    con excepción de
    a excepción de
    exceptuando a
    Fred excepted, everyone seemed happy con / a excepción de Fred / exceptuando a Fred, todos parecían contentos