Translation of exceptional in Spanish:


excepcional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪkˈsɛpʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /ɪkˈsɛpʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /ɛkˈsɛpʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (case/circumstances) excepcional
    (case/circumstances) extraordinario
    • It can only be displaced by unusual or exceptional circumstances.
    • While superficially complex, this was not an exceptional case.
    • There are rare and exceptional circumstances in existence in this case.
    • Bidding on rare and unusual items in exceptional condition was very aggressive, pushing prices to new highs.
    • Again, there is no suggestion here that paying more than would be justified on a strict royalty calculation is an unusual or exceptional practice.
    • He said that the exceptional permission for the unusual ceremony had been granted because his grandmother had herself served as a Wren.
    • The Human Rights Act is, I believe, open to re-negotiation in certain exceptional circumstances.
    • My old laptop was retired because of a really weird problem, which was that the computer would only start in exceptional circumstances.
    • They only come before councillors in exceptional circumstances and the criteria for rejecting them are narrower than in other planning matters.
    • Applications for damage to cars or non-essential items will not normally be considered, other than in exceptional circumstances.
    • ‘They are pretty exceptional circumstances,’ he said, trying to keep his anger hidden.
    • We will publish manuscripts over 30,000 words only under exceptional circumstances.
    • ‘Although this may be increased in very exceptional circumstances,’ said Debbie.
    • In exceptional circumstances, proposals or amendments could be introduced after the circulation of the agenda.
    • This irrational checklist has nothing to do with pasta or pizzas, or indeed with the food at all - except in exceptional circumstances.
    • There is currently some 30,000 farmers receiving exceptional circumstances drought relief.
    • The judge awarded costs because of the exceptional circumstances.
    • No more than three or four awards of this nature are made in the course of a year and only in exceptional circumstances to people outside Spain.
    • Independent appeal panels are also to be advised that such decisions should only be overturned under exceptional circumstances.
    • This is certainly a very unique case, a very exceptional set of circumstances.
  • 2

    (hardship/depravity) extremo
    (skill/talent) excepcional
    • Some autistic children show, at an unusually early age, exceptional abilities in music, graphic art or arithmetic.
    • The Savage bolt action has always provided outstanding accuracy and exceptional value for the money.
    • She also had the exceptional ability to recall vividly small incidents in her life, and recount them without any exaggeration.
    • Bernard's exceptional rugby ability has not gone unnoticed and he has recently been invited to play rugby with Leinster.
    • And Kaushik, who had an exceptional ability in identifying the cars manufactured worldwide.
    • If you have not tried pecorino cheese, give it a chance, it is has kind of a salty exceptional taste full of flavor more so than Parmesan.
    • Writers are liked or disliked for something much vaster than their exceptional ability with language.
    • His two points were superb efforts and his overall display marked him out as a player of exceptional ability.
    • The Dolby Digital 5.1 also sounds exceptional, with outstanding separation in the mix.
    • Reed has been fielding some punts in practice, and he is an exceptional athlete with big-play ability.
    • This is a sure bet because carbon has an exceptional ability to link up with other atoms into long chains, or polymers.
    • Lincoln appears to have been a man who loved to laugh and used his exceptional story telling ability to his advantage.
    • The style of government directed by Henry II and his sons was exceptional for its penetrative ability and aggressive quality.
    • McDaniel has functional speed but exceptional instincts and playmaking ability.
    • Williams has exceptional hands and leaping ability and can beat linebackers deep with his speed.
    • So far, so good, as most of the items on the menu are of reasonable price, significant size and exceptional flavor.
    • It is the combination of exceptional memory and calculating ability which seems to combine in many of those we consider.
    • The breed is also noted for its endurance ability, and its exceptional disposition.
    • Hawkins doesn't have exceptional coverage ability but is aggressive and physical.
    • Ted was a remarkable and exceptional man, who just happened to also live for 106 years.
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    (performance/achievement) excepcional