Traducción de excessively en español:


en exceso, adv.

Pronunciación /əkˈsɛsɪvli/ /ɛkˈsɛsɪvli/

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  • 1

    (to excess)
    (worry/praise) en exceso
    (worry/praise) demasiado
    (concerned/severe/optimistic) excesivamente
    (concerned/severe/optimistic) exageradamente
    • Except when snoring excessively at 4am and inducing me to acts of violence with a steak knife.
    • Opponents of tax competition point out that certain groups in society may be harmed excessively by tax competition.
    • The excessively rainy weather was troubling lambing in Wigglesworth.
    • Do not get excessively worried about not disturbing your fellow passengers.
    • The stock market tells us that even big investors are excessively anxious.
    • You're guilty of commenting excessively to get more traffic to your journal.
    • I hate writing excessively, as it usually makes my hand hurt before too long.
    • Don't get me wrong, although I wasn't excessively bright I was still smarter than the average bear.
    • Sometimes decision-makers are excessively cautious, at other times they are madly reckless.
    • In fact, excessively bright lighting makes much of the urban environment visually harsh.
    • In very rare cases, too much growth hormone can make one body part grow excessively.
    • It seems like an excessively tall order now to try to counter that with a speech.
    • Do not water again before germination, unless the soil dries out excessively.
    • This handy guide to Modern Courtesy says your behaviour is excessively rude if you sneeze at someone or at a valuable object.
    • The cars manufacturer said it was not recommended that the car be driven into excessively deep water!
    • The research aims to help manage dogs who bark excessively, destroy property or display other similar traits.
    • He slept excessively and lost his appetite, even refusing his favourite dish of fresh bamboo.
    • He has always sought to form permanent ties with the men whom he has adored so excessively.
    • Scratching excessively at your face and the tops of your hands is a good way to display panic.
    • Our student government tends to excessively complain about the rising cost of education.
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    (ugly/unhelpful) extremadamente