Hay 2 traducciones principales de excise en Español

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impuestos internos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɛkˌsaɪz/ /ˈɛksʌɪz/

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    impuestos internos masculino
    Customs and Excise el servicio de aduanas
    • There is no hope of buying a bottle of wine here for €2 at the current rate of excise duties and tax.
    • This included VRT, Vat, fuel excise duty and road tax.
    • He announced that he would be holding rates on vehicle excise duty, corporation tax, capital gains tax, betting duties, stamp duty and the climate change levy.
    • Again, research into the side effects of legislation on excise taxes and customs duties will be necessary in order to help design efficient legislative proposals.
    • And with other levies such as stamp duty and vehicle excise duty also frozen, and with no high-profile tax rises, the Treasury last night insisted that overall tax burdens would not be affected.
    • Customs charges are expected to bring 100 million leva revenue, and almost 1.4 billion leva will come from excise duties and road tax payments.
    • Differences in excise duties and value added tax on consumption may also induce consumers to make their purchases in the countries with the lowest taxation level.
    • There have also been some attempts at the harmonization of taxation, especially in relation to value added tax and excise duties.
    • On October 28, Parliament also approved a sharp hike in excise duties levied on cigarettes, to take effect starting next year.
    • When income tax and excise revenues are not delivering, then it is time to call a halt on gratuitous payments to the public sector.
    • However, gasoline prices are high in Britain also because the government now imposes a higher rate of excise tax on gasoline than any other country does.
    • With excise duties, the tax is levied directly on the buyer, to be added to the price of the car, so the government just gets the revenue via a different department!
    • The federal estate tax is an excise tax levied on the transfer of a person's property that exceeds a certain amount at the time of that individual's death.
    • In return, drivers would pay no vehicle excise duty (road tax) at all.
    • In the long term, the ICT Ministry hopes to be able to levy excise tax on online games.
    • Clearly we are not likely to lower regressive excise taxes on cigarettes, nor are we likely to lower the payroll tax for lower-income workers.
    • The notable exception was in the area of excise duty, where revenues fell from almost £2.7 billion last year to £1.99 billion.
    • General agreement was reported on oil revenues, questions of tax and excise duties and wealth distribution.
    • So while the Constitution empowered the federal government to levy taxes, it limited this power mostly to indirect taxes like tariffs, duties, and excise taxes.
    • The company said in a trading update that consumption in the Irish drinks market has fallen off due to the 45 per cent increase in excise duties on spirits introduced in the last budget.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de excise en Español

: excise1excise2


extirpar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈsaɪz/ /ɪkˈsʌɪz/ /ɛkˈsʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

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    • The mass was surgically excised; however, tumor involved the margins of resection.
    • Patients with abnormal screening laboratory results should be referred, regardless of the size of the mass, because hormone-producing tumors need to be surgically excised.
    • Monthly abdominal ultrasounds should be performed for 1 year, with the hope of catching recurrences early enough to surgically excise them.
    • The lesion was asymptomatic and was surgically excised after a fine-needle aspiration biopsy that was considered inadequate.
    • If metastatic disease was suspected, the area was surgically excised for histologic examination.
    • Metastatic disease was suspected, and the cerebellar lesion was excised surgically.
    • The cystic lesion and an adjacent portion of hyoid bone were surgically excised.
    • The surgeon must excise all necrotic tissue and expose all infection.
    • This allowed the surgeon to excise the tumor precisely and totally without damaging the speech center in the patient's brain.
    • But when it is severe, it may require a surgical procedure by the dentist to excise the excessive gum tissue.
    • The tumor, which was found to infiltrate to the muscle, was successfully surgically excised.
    • Many have advocated the use of radiotherapy as a primary treatment modality but with the appropriate surgical approach, most advanced stage tumours can be successfully excised with a single procedure.
    • My wife received post-operative chemotherapy from these medical oncologists, seven months after having that metastatic tumour surgically excised.
    • Bleomycin is an alternative therapy for warts that have not responded to other therapies or warts that may be difficult to surgically excise.
    • The neoplasm was excised using a radical surgical procedure.
    • Armed with a scalpel, a steady hand, keen intelligence and an array of technology, Keith Black, M.D., is known for the unerring skill he brings to excising malignant brain tumors.
    • The data show that the growth in dermatological surgeons excising primary melanomas has had no adverse affect on patient outcome.
    • The chief requests that the circulating nurse send a sample of the previously excised tissue to the pathologist, who confirms that the specimen is bladder tissue.
    • With major burns, treatment is skewed towards preservation of life or limb, and large areas of deep burn must be excised before the burnt tissue triggers multiple organ failure or becomes infected.
    • The surgical strategy is as for other war wounds; excise dead and contaminated tissue, determine the best functional level of amputation, and construct flaps to facilitate this.
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    • He also dabbled in bisexuality and believed in aliens, but those parts are excised from the narrative.
    • The Bush version excises the whole section on conclusions, preferring not to comment on the likely consequences of oil exploration.
    • Bearing in mind that one excised section of the Wasteland referred to a waiter and some unnatural practices with a dog, I think ‘depraved’ is probably a very good word for it.
    • The paper excised a section of his remarks, making him seem both glib and callow.
    • Many listeners wrote to say that they feared the worst - that NPR had decided to excise the section for fear of an anti-gay backlash.
    • So why does that fun - that honesty - so often get excised from music reviews?
    • In June 2003, the council modified an Environmental Protection Agency report on the environment, excising parts of a long section on global warming.
    • Keep in mind that this entire site is more or less a rough draft; the pages that stink will be carefully excised from the book version - should such a thing happen - and we'll all pretend they never happened.
    • But Chris, isn't it true that a lot of the incriminating statements made to the psychiatrist were then excised from the testimony and the report, and that later came back to bite the defense in the neck?
    • You can access the Excel spreadsheet here - all names, official positions, and other biographical information have been excised from the data set.
    • So endemic was discrimination that the story of American golf has had to be constantly revised so as to include those individuals who were previously excised from the record.
    • I'm talking about the original British version, with the final chapter that was excised from the US edition and the film.
    • Last night, the former governor told the ABC that he was the one who insisted the clause be excised from the contract.
    • When I looked through the paper after it had gone to press, I found the reference had been neatly excised from the finished version.
    • The horrendous punning title should have been excised.
    • The best feature is an excised musical number, ‘I Got You Beat,’ told in storyboards and rough cut audio.
    • There are eight minutes of deleted scenes with optional commentary by Kwapis, who provides very good explanations of why the scenes were excised.
    • The disc is rounded out with some deleted and extended scenes, most of which are just snippets of dialogue and shots excised with good reason.
    • While that may be a viable way to end the book, it is too anticlimactic for a movie, and, as such, is better excised.
    • You know there's lots of good stuff that was filmed but excised, and here's the proof.