Translation of excitement in Spanish:


excitación, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈsaɪtmənt/ /ɪkˈsʌɪtmənt/

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  • 1

    (enthusiasm, happiness) excitación feminine
    (enthusiasm, happiness) entusiasmo masculine
    (agitation) agitación feminine
    (agitation) alboroto masculine
    the news caused great excitement in political circles la noticia causó gran conmoción en círculos políticos
    • the doctor advised me to avoid any excitement el doctor me aconsejó que no me excitara
    • A bit of planning can help children face the coming year with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.
    • At one point, I'm sure that I was almost frothing at the mouth with enthusiasm and excitement.
    • I can't dredge up any lingering childhood excitement or enthusiasm for Christmas.
    • Right now my enthusiasm, my excitement and my adrenaline levels are unbelievable.
    • This left a point between the sides and excitement was now at fever pitch by both sets of supporters.
    • It was hard work but glorious, his excitement rising to fever pitch as the tunnel shortened.
    • It was the aroma of the Christmas cake baking that triggered the anticipations and excitement.
    • She was totally unprepared for the maelstrom of emotion and excitement in which she found herself.
    • I can still remember the intense excitement that greeted the beginning of Channel Ten.
    • He conveys the emotion and excitement without forcing himself on listeners and viewers.
    • The influence of this card manifests love, romance and excitement in your life today.
    • I woke up this morning with a knot of excitement and anticipation nestling comfortably in my stomach.
    • With a mass of further celebrations to come, the community is in a tizzy of excitement.
    • Anticipation is keen, excitement is not far away, people are living for the moment.
    • A gaggle of buyers stood round the auctioneer and the sense of excitement was intense.
    • My publisher, flush with excitement over the sales figures, had his own plans for the book.
    • A game from which thrill and excitement were appreciated by a very large portion of Australia.
    • Fans looking for thrill-a-minute excitement are unlikely to be disappointed.
    • The thrill and excitement of capturing unique moments is not the only thing that John enjoys about his work.
    • The excitement and thrill of doing up the house and making it my own is about as flat as my bank account.
  • 2

    excitación feminine
    • Enjoy the look on your partner's face as you build them into a frenzy of sexual excitement.
    • The quantity and colour of this can change during the menstrual cycle, sexual excitement and pregnancy.
    • In addition, his sexual excitement results in a self-conscious desire to conceal himself.
    • Did he never think that playing a man who finds sexual excitement in car-crashes could damage his career?
    • They develop during puberty and start to release sweat in response to stress, emotion and sexual excitement.
    • I guess when couples date but live apart there is some kind of excitement a bit like being in school and dating someone.
    • So, our relationship was a bit lacking in passion and excitement, but whose isn't?
    • Aren't we playing up to the male libido and their insatiable desire for sex and excitement?
    • My, where has all that excitement, romance and discovery dissipated itself to?
    • He was used to the shiver of excitement, desire, that he got when she was near him, when she touched him.
    • For many, that left just enough time to nip home, take a shower, and head in to work, tired but still flush with excitement.
    • He thought back to the flush of excitement that had driven him to propose at seventeen.
    • Avoid people, situations, pictures, or reading materials that might create sexual excitement.
    • Dmitri watched her pale shoulders quiver ever so slightly and felt his own excitement build.
    • I feel nervous excitement build in my stomach spreading over my whole body.
    • Everything moved so slowly once again, as the excitement rose up within him.