Traducción de exclusion clause en español:

exclusion clause

claúsula excluyente, n.


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    claúsula excluyente femenino
    claúsula de exoneración de culpa femenino
    • Could a defendant sued in tort rely on an exclusion clause in the contract when sued by a person who was not a party, and therefore traditionally not bound by its terms?
    • The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 has three broad areas of control but does not interfere with the common law concerning the integration of an exclusion clause in the contract.
    • Here we are dealing with an exclusion clause in a policy of liability insurance, necessarily to be read down against the insurer.
    • The logical consequences of this are plain enough, i.e., that a decision may well have been a nullity but there was no way of knowing this because the statutory exclusion clause prevented the courts from reviewing the matter.
    • It is only in the unlikely event that the lead is fraudulent, or knows that the borrower is making a false statement but decides to stand by, that English law will ignore an exclusion clause.
    • They are, therefore, exempt under the exclusion clause.
    • But this does not entitle the court to reject the exclusion clause, however unreasonable the court itself may think it is, if the words are clear and fairly susceptible of one meaning only.
    • These claims did not involve any consideration of the exclusion clause.
    • Such losses are not embraced by the exclusion clause, read in its documentary and commercial context.
    • The mere fact that the payment was to be by direct debit should not of itself be enough to imply an exclusion clause into the contract.
    • Birmingham alludes to the exclusion clause in the current law for substance dependence and sexual deviancy, which is missing in the new bill.
    • Up until now the insurance industry had not considered a terrorist attack likely enough to require an exclusion clause in its policies as standard.
    • She said her friend who accompanied her to Majorca, also had about £400 worth of items stolen or damaged in the same burglary, and was hit by the same exclusion clause.
    • I thought I had insurance but no-one has mentioned or asked about insurance in relation to this so tomorrow I'll have to find out if there's an exclusion clause for hitting deer.
    • Some had a total exclusion clause so that any damage which might be associated with GM crops, even arson of farm buildings, nullified insurance claims.
    • A child exclusion clause in the TANF allows the states to deny increased cash aid to women who conceive and bear another child while on welfare.