Translation of exclusivity in Spanish:


exclusividad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛkskluˈsɪvədi/ /ˌɛkskluːˈsɪvɪti/

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    exclusividad feminine
    exclusivity clause cláusula de exclusividad
    • We share a history of racial exclusivity.
    • The event was criticized by leading feminists for its gender exclusivity.
    • In 1999, it admitted its first 10 female members — ending 212 years of male exclusivity.
    • He reveals the type of sinister social manoeuvers necessary to maintain the exclusivity of the aristocracy.
    • It all set a tone of exclusivity and privilege, an air of refinement reserved for corporate leaders and tweedy intellectuals.
    • This movement away from the origins of the event only reinforced its social exclusivity.
    • The provision gives schools the authority to offer milk at any time and anywhere on school premises or at school events, precluding future exclusivity clauses in soft drink vending contracts.
    • The newspaper will not require advertisers to sign an exclusivity agreement.
    • The new version of the product was expected to gain at least three years marketing exclusivity from the FDA and a patent application is pending.
    • Concerns over protection of the data exclusivity of pharmaceutical products may be resolved soon.
    • The company has been criticised for not securing exclusivity on popular video games.
    • Agents and publishers can demand exclusivity from writers and then do nothing, as happened to me.
    • The condition appears to have almost male exclusivity, with several large series of studies having no female patients.