Traducción de excruciatingly en español:


terriblemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈskruʃiˌeɪdɪŋli/ /ɛkˈskruːʃɪeɪtɪŋli/

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  • 1

    it's excruciatingly painful es terriblemente doloroso
    • The ride was excruciatingly painful.
    • The alto flute is heavy and tiring to play, and any piece longer than about 10 minutes without breaks is excruciatingly painful to perform!
    • Early on during the descent, Joe broke his leg, forcing Simon to lower him down by two 150 ft. ropes, in an excruciatingly slow and painful manner for both climbers.
    • The cuts are treated with tigasso (tree oil) and are excruciatingly painful until they heal, though it is said they rarely become infected.
    • "There were days it was so excruciatingly cold that you thought that your ears were literally going to crack off the side of your head," he recalls.
    • His jaw had to be chiseled away at, literally gouged out in an excruciatingly painful operation that took almost an hour.
    • The music was loud. Excruciatingly loud.
    • "I'm guessing she died excruciatingly slowly from the bleeding, and not too long ago," he said.
    • His hands were bound excruciatingly tightly to the thick steel pole running along the back of his neck.
    • After that excruciatingly torturous dentist appointment, it's back home.
  • 2

    (boring/dull) espantosamente
    (boring/dull) terriblemente
    excruciatingly funny para morirse de risa
    • I'm short, skinny and have excruciatingly underdeveloped social skills.
    • The drive had been excruciatingly silent in the twenty minutes it had taken them to exit the city and venture along the main highway.
    • Although the Portuguese advance southwards was excruciatingly slow, once the cape had been rounded by Bartolomeu Dias in 1488 progress in the Indian Ocean was nothing short of spectacular.
    • When the most basic things aren't being done, or done so excruciatingly badly, it just makes me despair.
    • The hours that followed were some of the most excruciatingly frustrating I have ever experienced.
    • Peta's meetings with strangers are sometimes funny, occasionally ridiculous or excruciatingly embarrassing.
    • For a tearjerker with modest ambitions, this film is excruciatingly inept.
    • This storyline is dragged out excruciatingly.
    • To most people, science and mathematics are excruciatingly dull.
    • The poor actress overacts excruciatingly as the vengefully posh blueblood.