Translation of exec in Spanish:


ejecutivo, n.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzɛk/ /ɛɡˈzɛk/

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    ejecutivo masculine
    ejecutiva feminine
    • In the past, they say, he has held on to top execs long after they needed to be replaced.
    • It was all part of some pre-dinner entertainment for a group of top execs and managers from a large retail chain.
    • Six of the top 10 earning chief execs in the US run IT companies, according to Forbes.
    • The BBC should then be governed by an executive board, combining a handful of the very top execs and some non-execs.
    • He has slowed the pace of acquisitions and dismissed about a dozen senior execs.
    • Critics of air taxis charge that high prices will relegate it to a perk for senior execs.
    • The company's top execs must have panicked when they realised how out of control the story had gotten.
    • Too many U.S. execs are letting software vendors tell them how to run their business.
    • Chief execs and fund managers were also asked to identify the most innovative companies.
    • Top news execs pursue answers to seven key questions pegged to creating a watchdog culture.
    • A Romanian-born man has pleaded guilty to sending threatening emails to top execs at eBay.
    • She had been in the job less than a year and had come from Citigroup where she was one of the top female execs.
    • Did pressure from corporate execs concerned about empty planes help change his mind?
    • He sat by while execs let costs spin out of control and failed to deliver on promises to customers.
    • GTech also got rid of its chairman and its chief exec earlier on in the year in the hope of building confidence in the company.
    • The chief exec of BT Retail has admitted that the cost of broadband in the UK is too high.
    • Now these execs are starting to worry about getting socked with a payroll tax increase.
    • Although bad blood over the contract may hurt morale, for now execs are happy to have a victory in hand.
    • To the extent the execs held on to their stock, they suffered along with other shareholders.
    • Network execs, who say they will maintain a premium on rates, have the new shows under wraps.