Translation of execution in Spanish:


ejecución, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛksəˈkjuʃ(ə)n/ /ˌɛksɪˈkjuːʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (of order) ejecución feminine
    (of order) cumplimiento masculine
    (of plan) ejecución masculine
    (of duties) desempeño masculine
    to put sth into execution llevar algo a cabo
    • Centralize planning and decentralize execution of the operation.
    • Successful implementation and execution of a security plan requires a buy-in by all employees, Hyland says.
    • Rather, the exercise emphasis is on the staff planning process, orders production, reporting, and execution of the plan.
    • All this requires planning and thereafter execution.
    • The final execution of his plans, however, fell well short of success.
    • Both rely on strong team plans and good execution, and both appeal to my competitive nature.
    • The newly enacted Fiscal Code adds some regularity to the process of funding Russia's military establishment in the course of budget execution.
    • An early start, unlimited funding, and bold execution of German scientific plans became a recurring theme throughout the report.
    • The moment neatly captures the big problem of corporate strategy: the gap between the brilliant plan and the actual execution.
    • Julie's background includes data center and computer support as well as experience with test plan development and execution.
    • In 1991, the Giants were better prepared in game plan and execution.
    • It struck him as a rather dangerous enterprise though he realized there was rather more plan there than execution.
    • Most researchers did not systematically plan the design and execution of their research protocol to minimize the risk of bias.
    • After months of gathering research and outlining a plan of execution, Gooden was ready to sell the idea to her superiors.
    • Although complicated in its execution, my plan is simple.
    • It also served as an introduction to personnel who would play leading roles in the plan's execution.
    • Handling the broad areas of creativity, marketing and sponsorship, production or on-ground execution and technical management are also of great importance.
    • Rangers' football over the past season was never Brazilian in style or execution.
    • They were still full of vim and vigour and their goal, after 60 minutes, rivalled Cork's in style and execution.
    • You see, the key issue is technical strategy and execution - not business growth.
    • There is a chilling ruthlessness to the alleged strategy, matched by the style of its apparent execution.
    • The difference in style and execution of the two deals symbolizes wider contrasts that will filter through to the market as the four companies involved go through their transition periods.
  • 2

    (putting to death)
    ejecución feminine
    • US-led forces raided parts of a town yesterday searching for hostages threatened with execution by rebels.
    • The newspaper quoted unidentified soldiers as saying the captive had been threatened with execution and was later dumped from the back of a moving vehicle.
    • The only good news emerging is the release of the three Japanese hostages who were threatened with execution for more than a week.
    • However, the prosecution described the killing as an execution and argued a clearer case of murder could not be found.
    • According to Thomas, he was threatened with execution.
    • During his opening address, Crown prosecutor Peter Magee described the killing as an execution.
    • They were frequently threatened with execution if they tried to escape.
    • If the wars of terror against some states continue, then we will continue to be shocked by another suicide bombing, another execution of a hostage.
    • Bribery had gotten him the identity of the renegade young men; he'd had them all rounded up and threatened with execution unless the one who'd done the deed identified himself.
    • Gupta, who considers the views of all other historians as relevant material, concludes that it was principally a political execution.
    • Detectives described the killing as a clinically-planned execution.
    • And I have no problem at all with summary execution of would-be suicide bombers.
    • This was not just some random shooting but a well planned and organised execution.
    • The police are also alleged to have failed to act to stop the lawyer's killing despite having had advance warning from loyalist sources that his execution was planned.
    • We believe the terrorists forced them to dig their own graves and prepared them for execution.
    • The government's assertion that torture and summary executions might be carried out without recourse to the law clearly shocked the court.
    • When Capote met Perry Smith - convicted to execution and on death row - he was immediately captivated by him and his discernible sensitivity.
    • She is at risk of imminent execution after her death sentence for adultery was upheld by the Supreme Court.
    • At the place of public execution the death sentences were, at the last possible moment, commuted to exile.
    • ‘I think he should get a life sentence because execution will be too merciful for him,’ says another customer.
    • The judicial sentence of death by execution has been present since the formation of the first civilised societies.
    • No one ever stops to think about the people who have to carry out the executions or work on death row.
    • In front of a packed courtroom he announced that he had decided against execution and sentenced the defendants instead to life imprisonment.
    • Tennessee had been the only Southern state not to have carried out an execution since the death penalty was reinstituted by the United States Supreme Court in 1976.
    • He has been convicted of murder and is awaiting execution on death row while the US judicial and political system plays Russian roulette with his life.
    • Kevin Spacey plays Gale, a man who has been convicted of murder and awaits his execution while on death row.
    • They have come to a verdict on the sentence, life in prison or death by execution.
    • The authors find that the murder rate is significantly reduced by both death sentences and executions.
    • By the end of 2003, Amnesty had recorded 1,639 death sentences and 726 executions.
    • While awaiting execution, death row inmates endure dehumanising circumstances as well as alienation from families who have abandoned them or simply cannot afford to visit them.
    • In many places, jurors in capital cases have only two choices of punishment for those they find guilty: execution or permanent imprisonment.
    • The warrant of execution was issued on 8 February 1999.
    • By now most honest people concede that the deterrent effect of execution is non-existent and few are unaware of an increasing number of death row exonerations.
    • Incidentally there are no proven cases of a wrongful legal execution in America since WWII.
    • The gross inadequacy of the legal defense for persons facing execution is fostered by the state's judicial system.
  • 3

    • 3.1(signing)

      firma feminine
      • At some point, I take it, the dates specified at about line 22 or 23 on 894 were completed before execution of the relevant instruments?
      • If the hirer were to give a specific order he would be responsible for harm resulting from negligent execution of the order, but he would be liable as a principal, not vicariously.
      • The power of this Court to grant orders staying execution of judgments pending applications for special leave to appeal is undoubted.
      • But is this not committing the fallacy of looking beyond the instrument, beyond the state of affairs at the date of execution of the instrument?
      • Germany would scrupulously comply with any request from the to suspend any execution of a deportation order.

    • 3.2(implementation)

      cumplimiento masculine