Traducción de executive officer en español:

executive officer

segundo comandante, n.


  • 1

    segundo comandante masculino
    • Wandsworth's former higher executive officer for the Office of Fair Trading, was awarded an OBE.
    • The last ITU Telecom World was held in the Swiss city in 2003 and attracted over 900 exhibitors from 551 countries, plus 375 industry chief executive officers and 148 government officials.
    • A number of other matters were raised by members about the powers of the chief executive officer, and the like.
    • The former executive officer said the program had built the foundations to be successful.
    • A former executive officer with the Western Health Board had a different view.
    • Our returning officer's task was made easy as all the executive officers remained in office and there were seven other members of the committee.
    • Chief executive officer of Green Power said some animals were facing extinction because of climate change.
    • It is also important for governing bodies and chief executive officers not just to ‘devolve’ but to accept that many policy decisions are properly the responsibility of the academic staff.
    • He has been chairman of a municipal land commission and an executive officer in a private farming company.
    • Wandsworth's formerly higher executive officer for the Office of Fair Trading, was made an OBE.
    • The Fourth Amendment does not contemplate the executive officers of Government as neutral and disinterested magistrates.
    • This happens when chief executive officers also function as governing board chairs.
    • Censure and discipline are a matter between the employing commission and the chief executive officer.
    • Last time I checked, a governor is merely the chief executive officer of a state.
    • Let's get this straight - those executive officers who stood behind the former President when he signed anti-gun edicts are all political appointees and are not the most qualified to lead the police.