Translation of executive privilege in Spanish:

executive privilege

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    • El derecho del Presidente de EEUU de no revelar al Congreso Congress información oficial o que se está llevando a cabo alguna investigación especial. Suele basarse en motivos de interés público o de seguridad nacional. El Presidente Nixon intentó acogerse a este derecho durante el escándalo de Watergate .


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    inmunidad de los miembros del ejecutivo (in US)
    • While the president has the right to claim executive privilege under certain circumstances, even this privilege does not allow him complete secrecy.
    • Even the Vice President admits the President has not yet claimed executive privilege for this information - and can do so if GAO prevails.
    • The Vice President is not claiming executive privilege (which enables the President to withhold information from Congress or the courts).
    • Presidents often assert executive privilege even if the information or documents sought are not matters of national security.
    • Well, certainly the president can claim executive privilege.
    • No president wants to claim executive privilege in an election year.
    • The dispute centered on efforts by the White House to assert executive privilege to withhold documents from Congress.
    • Claims of executive privilege or the requirements of wartime ‘national security’ are red herrings.
    • Presidents don't actually have to claim executive privilege to keep documents closed to the public.
    • Most often, executive privilege has been claimed to allow the president to get advice from aides, or negotiate with other heads of state, without fear that sensitive discussions will later be opened to scrutiny by the other branches.
    • I raised the issue of whether the President might be able to invoke executive privilege as to this information.
    • Either one could have claimed executive privilege and forced the archivists to withhold the pages.
    • The White House has claimed executive privilege over the papers, which have been subpoenaed by a House committee.
    • Now, it's worth noting that the White House has the right - subject to a great deal of judicial interpretation - to claim executive privilege for certain sorts of White House communications.
    • The White House is sure to fight this on grounds of executive privilege and attorney-client privilege.
    • And the White House cannot allow release of this information lest it jeopardize executive privilege.
    • The CIA cited national security and White House executive privilege.
    • The White House abruptly reversed itself on March 30, after weeks of maintaining that the principle of executive privilege forbade testimony under oath.