Translation of exemplify in Spanish:


ejemplificar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzɛmpləˌfaɪ/ /ɪɡˈzɛmplɪfʌɪ/ /ɛɡˈzɛmplɪfʌɪ/

transitive verb exemplifies, exemplifying, exemplified

  • 1

    (give example of)
    • This poignant illustration of devastated motherhood exemplifies the problematics of literalizing Beloved on screen.
    • This study illustrates that particular patterns and behaviors exemplifying the relationship work of generative fathering can be found in narrative accounts told by fathers of their experiences connecting with children.
    • Certainly a better, more timely illustration than one from 1873 could have been chosen to exemplify the primacy and precedence of Sloan's subject matter in American visual culture.
    • Power chose a representative sample of artworks that not only illustrates certain points in the text, but also exemplifies the exquisiteness of southeastern Indian art throughout prehistory.
    • This work exemplifies the analytical power of critical discourse analysis by illustrating how language is utilized as a tool for political ends.
    • This is particularly true of a group of quilts made in northern New York State as exemplified by the Pieties quilt illustrated on page 18.
    • There is also a rich tradition of folk art which is best exemplified by the painted beehives illustrated with folk motifs that are found throughout Slovenia.
    • An illustration of the expansion is exemplified in the following Senior Steward's experience.
    • Just sit him down with this chapter and be assured that Sharp is the master at explaining, clarifying and exemplifying.
    • In contrast to Japan, the U.S. economy cannot finance its economic expansion with its own internal resources, as has been exemplified by the ballooning current account deficit.
    • In a way, Kuhn's work exemplifies what it describes.
    • What she does not see is that Dante perfectly exemplifies Western culture's strong tendency towards universalism.
  • 2

    (be example of)
    • Our industry is one steeped in parts and details, and the current crop of specifications exemplifies such.
    • The special award, presented posthumously, exemplifies the spirit of Muskingum College.
    • It's a great Australian and human story exemplifying the antithesis of current Coalition values.
    • Some argue that the current shows really do exemplify black life and culture.
    • Articles in the current issue of BTB exemplify the processes whereby social groups in the Bible have imagined their identities and thereby established functional but limited norms for legitimacy.
    • However the films are finally shown, or even if they are not shown at all, the whole project strikingly exemplifies the current cultural logic of premediation.
    • In many ways the company exemplifies the current state of American business.
    • This approach is clearly exemplified by current campaigns to persuade parents to choose the MMR vaccine.
    • This status is exemplified by the current consultation exercise to draw up a national plan for health.
    • As such, all three exemplify the spirit of romantic rebellion against the modern bourgeois order - a rebellion that is itself fundamentally modern and bourgeois.
    • Coming up, two people who exemplify the spirit of the American worker.
    • The people he's working with exemplify a distinct trend in the new population.
    • But, remember that the clincher in selecting the winners would be that spark of daredevilry that exemplifies the channel's spirit of action and adventurous.
    • Robert exemplifies the finest spirit of Louisiana citizens.
    • Indeed, the energetic former accountant from Maharashtra state exemplifies the new trend of merit winning out over lineage or wealth.
    • The following lyric exemplifies the spirit of the song.
    • But they referred to something more - the museum's spirit of innovation, exemplified by its new £4 million wing, The Works, opened in 1999.
    • This cultural detente is the latest move in a warming trend exemplified by the successful joint hosting of the 2002 soccer World Cup.
    • The reaction of the players to the loss of these influential players exemplified the team's spirit.
    • McCarthy always includes a ‘friendship wall’ in her shows on which numerous works by her artist friends are displayed, exemplifying the community spirit that seems so pervasive in San Francisco.