Traducción de exempt en español:


eximir, v.

Pronunciación /ɪɡˈzɛm(p)t/ /ɛɡˈzɛm(p)t/

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verbo transitivo

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    to exempt sb from sth eximir / exonerar a algn de algo


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    to be exempt from sth estar exento de algo
    to be exempt from -ing estar eximido de + inf
    • The national department is to amend current exemption procedures and criteria later this year to ensure all those who cannot pay fees are duly exempt from doing so.
    • Book stores, corner stores and TV shops are also exempt from the bylaw.
    • As a middle-aged baby boomer, I am certainly not exempt from the wishes and dreams of the anti-aging movement.
    • Surely, some say, these elites should not be entirely exempt from pressure to adopt more climate friendly lifestyles.
    • They are not something mysteriously exempt from the conditions they study.
    • Am I expected to pay the IRS on the profit from the sale or am I exempt from capital gains taxes?
    • You can make other tax-free gifts, called potentially exempt transfers, and they will be free from IHT if you survive another seven years.
    • This is commonly interpreted to mean that water was initially exempt, but in the final stages this exemption was withdrawn.
    • Those that were not felt they were exempt due to non-profit status.
    • But back to tax exempt status with attendant effect to disqualify or discredit MEMRI.
    • A friend told me you can also make exempt gifts from income.
    • Still others simply spend the money or save in exempt assets rather than pay outstanding bills.
    • Technically the cathedral was bankrupt but the Church of England's exempt status meant this could not be declared.
    • We'll get it back after our first appointment but it's still a lot of money for NHS exempt patients to have to find.
    • Ten concessionary exempt permits will also be given to the Methodist Church on Hartley Street.
    • Last week's Western Open offered up exempt spots for the Open just as this Scottish Open does.
    • This may also affect Bermudians who wish to work for exempt companies in Bermuda.
    • Inheritance tax is levied only on the estate, not on the recipients of any exempt gifts.
    • Coaches like exempt events because they provide the opportunity to play high-level competition in neutral settings.
    • The term therefore does not permit the clear distinction between taxable and exempt transactions to be blurred on the basis of considerations which are outside the system.