Translation of exemption in Spanish:


exención, n.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzɛm(p)ʃ(ə)n/ /ɪɡˈzɛmpʃn/

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    exención feminine
    exoneración feminine
    exemption from sth exención de algo
    exoneración de algo
    • I propose to grant full exemption from tax to the income of this Trust.
    • Woodland enjoys several tax breaks, including exemption from inheritance tax after two years.
    • They cannot claim income tax exemption from the money they earn from doing live concerts.
    • The exemption from capital gains tax only came into play if shares held in PEPs actually went up in value.
    • The most important of these was exemption from the Grand Coutume, the export tax imposed on ships sailing from Bordeaux.
    • That's not to mention its exemption from the London congestion charge and road tax.
    • No continent, to our great shame, can claim exemption from such brutalities.
    • The industry's block exemption from normal competition rules expires in September 2002.
    • Routinely, the request for exemption from the law is rubber-stamped and the ad goes ahead.
    • Benefits that would be denied include exemption from a requirement to have a separate work visa.
    • If they get exemption from rent control law, their income would increase several times.
    • There are good reasons why thousands of companies will seek exemption from having an audit from July onwards.
    • It would probably have led on to granting Catholics exemption from tithes and the authority of Anglican courts.
    • The maximum period of exemption from paying the minimum wage is one year and the minimum is three months.
    • Can we justify this exemption from standards by saying that it leads to a larger good?
    • Noble, bourgeois, and peasant alike associated status with exemption from public demands.
    • Its enthusiastic reception earned Rossini exemption from military service.
    • I also grant him exemption from the two-year practical experience requirement.
    • There is no special exemption from English law for health professionals.
    • In my judgment, the rule is that exemption from the rigors of war is in the control of the Executive.
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