Traducción de exeunt en español:


salen, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɛksiˌənt/ /ˈɛksiˌʊnt/ /ˈɛksɪʌnt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    exeunt king and courtiers salen el rey y los cortesanos
    • The odds at present on the final outcome must be that there will be a dramatic ending with Microsoft upstaged: exeunt WinCo left, and AppCo right.
    • Having decided that he has expressed himself fully, Budd concludes three decades of musical activity with a glorious exeunt that crystallizes his body of work into a singular, magnificent statement.
    • I love thee. (music ends, exeunt all but TIAGO, CELIA, and CHRISTOPHERO) Meet me at the riverbank in five days, dear Celia!
    • The leader of the two-man crew walked around the house with a tape measure looking for an apt exeunt, and I believe he would have taken it upstairs and swung it out the bedroom window if that was the only option.
    • They both open their car doors and exeunt vehicle, meeting at the sidewalk.
    • Then a hundred men would exeunt as only thieves can - without sound, without trace.