Traducción de exhale en español:


espirar, v.

Pronunciación /ɛksˈheɪl/ /ˈɛksˌheɪl/ /ɪksˈheɪl/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (breathe out)
    (air/smoke) espirar
    (air/smoke) exhalar
    • Out in the cold air again I take a deep breath, exhale, and blow smoke rings with my winter breath.
    • The basic technique is what's call ‘continuous circular breathing’, where one breathes slowly and deeply, exhaling without pause and then inhaling, again without a pause or break.
    • Breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling through the nose, bringing breath to the deepest part of your belly and expanding and contracting rib cage with each breath.
    • Sighing lazily, she propped her elbows on the dinner table, digging her chin into her palms and breathing in slowly, exhaling heavily.
    • I breathe, exhaling for ten seconds and inhaling for another ten.
    • I closed my eyes and breathed in; upon exhaling I opened my eyes and smiled.
    • When coughing is accompanied by a wheezing sound as your child exhales, it is a sign that something may be partially blocking the lower airway.
    • Vivian finally realized she had been holding her breathe and exhaled with anxiousness.
    • It was a travesty of the human voice, inhaling as she spoke and exhaling between words, breathing and speaking in a completely unnatural rhythm.
    • He looks into the camera as he exhales, the smoke wafting out of his mouth toward the finches.
    • I exhale, breathing out more air than I thought my lungs capable of holding.
    • He attempted to calm himself by inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, and was only partially successful.
    • A whale's ‘blow’, the spout of steamy breath when it exhales after a dive, is one of these things.
    • He exhales deeply, like he's opening a valve to pent-up emotions.
    • I think it might be one of those weekends where I keep myself to myself, inhale deeply and exhale loudly, and stare at the ceiling.
    • Evelyn sighed and folded her arms, exhaling deeply.
    • I paused, exhaling deeply, and letting my shoulders heave.
    • Opal pushed the hair out of his eyes exhaling deeply.
    • He shut his eyes, exhaling deeply, and slipped into sleep again.
    • A positive sign appeared and I closed my eyes, inhaling and exhaling deeply.
  • 2

    (smoke/gas/vapor) exhalar literario
    (smoke/gas/vapor) despedir
    • They exhaled a poisonous fume that could kill someone if they inhaled too much of it.
    • You haven't lived until you see a sponge inhaling and exhaling clouds of phosphorescent trace chemicals.
    • The handscroll format allows emotions to emanate with each unrolling, like the mists exhaled by the landscape and water.
    • A toxic fireball as big as the Houses of Parliament burned for several hours, exhaling a black cloud over Houston.
    • It reduces CO2 to hydrogen-its source of energy for its life processes-and exhales methane.
    • Earth-plastered walls breathe like living beings, protecting bales from moisture damage by exhaling moisture instead of locking it inside.
    • His landscapes, now given added breadth by the influence of Rubens, show similar characteristics and exhale an air of enchantment.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    breathe in deeply and then exhale inspire profundamente y después espire