Translation of exhort in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzɔrt/ /ɪɡˈzɔːt/ /ɛɡˈzɔːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to exhort sb to + inf exhortar a algn a + inf
    exhortar a algn a que + subj
    • He lauded the school for encouraging sports and exhorted young sportsmen to make strides in sports and academics.
    • The counsellor exhorts him to unswervingly stick to his ART regimen along with a rich, nutritional diet.
    • To get workers charged up, he exhorts his troops to act like entrepreneurs, take risks, and own up to failure quickly.
    • However, our co-ops have a crucial role to play, which must go well beyond exhorting farmers to get bigger and leaner.
    • She gently admonished the translator, a man, by exhorting him not to be chauvinistic by distorting facts.
    • Apart from condemning the U.S. and its allies as well as warning against their plans of further aggression, the documentary exhorts the people to boycott the U.S. products.
    • He simply exhorts parents, in the tradition of the uplifting revivalist, to do the things that will focus their kids on school and prepare them for better lives.
    • He's in constant mobile communication with an unseen editor who, like a devil on his shoulder, exhorts Dave to distort and exaggerate the story.
    • China's national anthem exhorts its citizens to move forward and resist foreign aggressors.
    • Meanwhile, Mr. Deshprabhu exhorts future students of animation to specialise in specific software.
    • With a pointing finger, he exhorts the crowd of young law students to stop the assault on the powerless.
    • The big man repeatedly exhorts his fans to be leaders not followers, but like good followers, they obey his every word.
    • From the back end of a bus, the City of York Council exhorts us to ‘cycle to work for a healthy heart’.
    • Moral consequentialism exhorts us to choose between different modes of life as well as different choices within each mode.
    • It exhorts viewers to fight against divisive forces that disrupt the peace of a nation, says Sundar.
    • The government exhorts us to get off the roads and onto the railway, but it may not have considered the opposite proposition.
    • He exhorts me not to take the problems of the world so seriously, and to have more faith in the ways of Allah.
    • Another passage was the one where Miss Brodie exhorts her girls to be sure to recognise their prime and to live it to the full.
    • She exhorts her audience to put up banners and posters on the highways and byways.
    • She exhorts parents to teach their young that there is beauty and strength in diversity.