Translation of expanse in Spanish:


extensión, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈspæns/ /ɪkˈspans/ /ɛkˈspans/


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    extensión feminine
    a large expanse of land una gran extensión de terreno
    • the vast expanse of his knowledge la enorme amplitud de sus conocimientos
    • Here we washed our feet before entering the wide expanse of virgin forest.
    • We travelled by jeep and by foot through the wide expanses of paddy fields where women worked all day in the blistering sunshine with babies tied to their backs.
    • The back roads are very much quieter than those I normally drive over, with much to see, and wide expanses of landscape to admire.
    • Much of it is composed of rugged, tall mountain chains and wide expanses of barren desert-like plains.
    • Prior to Shepherd Market being laid out in the 1730s, this area was just an expanse of open fields on the western edge of town.
    • I booked tables four and five, which faced the wider expanse of the room.
    • Ten years ago, the area was a vast expanse of industrial wasteland.
    • She looked around at the buildings, and the wide expanse of the park before them.
    • If your floor offers a wide expanse of uninterrupted space, a larger pattern may be used.
    • Directly above the bar, it was huge, no walls to encumber the wide expanse of the room.
    • She leaned on the rail and viewed a large expanse of nature that continued as far as she could see.
    • Our main testing and exhibition hall is adjacent to a grassy expanse and a patio area.
    • You can get a shot of her from behind, with the wide expanse of Beach Road stretching away from her.
    • Across the other side of South London lies Richmond Park, a huge expanse of green untroubled by public transport.
    • The wide expanse of floor between the two areas was pale, marble patterned tile.
    • The remote, fell-foot hamlet of Croglin lies tucked in among the fells and folds and dales and wide expanses of brooding water that pock the untamed landscape of Cumberland.
    • From between two ridges I stared out across a green expanse stretching as far as I could see.
    • Opposite the hotel is the start of the path up to an astoundingly beautiful area of mountain-tops and shining expanses of water.
    • For a while I sat on a bench among the sand-dunes looking out over a wide expanse of sand and out to the sea.
    • In presettlement times, lightning fires spread over great expanses of upland forests, sometimes for weeks, until reaching a river or large wetlands.