Translation of expansion in Spanish:


expansión, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈspænʃən/ /ɪkˈspanʃ(ə)n/ /ɛkˈspanʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (in volume, extent)
    (of metal) expansión feminine
    (of metal) dilatación feminine
    (of gas) expansión feminine
    (of trade, market) expansión feminine
    economic/industrial/territorial expansion expansión económica/industrial/territorial
    • If the operating temperature is higher than there is greater heat distortion due to thermal expansion hence increased friction.
    • Much of the rest of the country is paying the price of rapid economic expansion.
    • At the same time close links with the USA resulted in rapid economic recovery and expansion.
    • These years are post-integration and are from a period of rapid expansion of the industry.
    • Now he runs Scotland's only electronic property search company which is set to enter a period of rapid growth and expansion.
    • During the recent boom, the recruitment industry experienced rapid expansion.
    • It will greatly boost the prospects for economic growth and expansion in towns and villages throughout the county.
    • The market hall is to receive a new look in an 18-month expansion programme.
    • Founders sometimes become arrogant and go on a rapid and unwarranted expansion binge, he warns.
    • Schipol airport in Amsterdam and Paris Charles de Gaulle have both seen recent expansion programmes.
    • It is also set to embark on a major European expansion programme.
    • The numbers could indicate that economic expansion is finally leading to major jobs growth.
    • And it signals the end of the era of rapid expansion of public spending on essential services funded by tax rises.
    • The software industry's expansion plans have triggered a real estate boom in the city.
    • In the post-school environment the rapid expansion of industry training continues.
    • This money would then cut its debt and provide extensive funds for expansion.
    • Between 1890 and 1920 new developments enabled the further expansion of the wheat industry.
    • The energy company was often credited with putting new technologies to work in the service of its rapid expansion.
    • Judicial creativity has been most obviously and constructively expressed in the rapid expansion of the law of judicial review.
    • There is accumulating medical evidence in the journals on the rapid expansion of the HIV infection.
    • The rapid expansion of the sector observed during the last year emphasises the importance of its advantages.
  • 2

    (of summary) ampliación feminine
    Mathematics desarrollo masculine
    • This value signifies that the colony contains 37,800 sectors of cells having tract length expansions.
    • In a sense, this is an expansion of that book to cover the whole region.
    • ‘I think the ballparks are smaller, the players are stronger, and we've had two expansions in the last decade,’ said Selig.
    • He says that while their intentions are humble for now they, like other companies, leave ample room for future add-ons and expansions.
    • Although additions and expansions have been made to suit its occupants, the Bishop's House at Fort Kochi can instantly take you on a nostalgic ride.
    • Unlike in the two previous years, when the companies opened new theme parks, there were no major expansions in Orlando in 2000.
    • The attempt to keep pace with ever increasing museum collections has resulted in a recent spate of building expansions worldwide.
    • It leaves open the possibility of limited expansions of two lodges in the mountain region.
    • The club is currently planning several expansions to accommodate golfers who seek pleasure and leisure in a quiet place.
    • Despite the grim financial climate, several smaller theaters find themselves planning expansions.
    • It might mean that the proposed expansions are built later rather than sooner, but at least our representatives will have been diligent.
    • There will be an added fee of $13.80 applied after three of the four expansions are complete and open for student use.
    • Proposed expansions to the shopping centre could bring larger stores to the county town.
    • The development project is part of the Campaign Waterloo initiative, which also is funding the expansions.
    • Their past expansions have never resulted in the demolition of housing for its building or for parking.
    • There will also be expansions to the kitchen and dining areas to accommodate the additional residents.
    • Athletics is moving ahead with expansions to Columbia Icefields recreation facility.
    • There might be expansions in the family - a baby or an older relative.
    • The factor that has kept new premises and expansions at bay is the complete lack of uncommitted parking.
    • No major renovations or expansions are planned for the former Indigo location, she said.