Traducción de expectation en español:


Pronunciación /ˌɛkspɛkˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɛkspɛkˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(anticipation)

      in expectation of victory previendo la victoria
      • in the expectation of reforming him con la esperanza de reformarlo
      • to have every/little expectation of sth tener muchas/pocas esperanzas de algo
      • there was an atmosphere of great expectation había un ambiente de gran expectación

    • 1.2(preconceived idea)

      expectativa femenino
      the plan succeeded beyond all expectation(s) el éxito del plan superó con creces todas las expectativas
      • contrary to all expectations contrariamente a lo que se esperaba
      • the performance came up to/fell short of our expectation(s) la actuación estuvo/no estuvo a la altura de lo que esperábamos
      • the general expectation is that he'll resign se cree que va a dimitir
      • she didn't live up to her father's expectations defraudó las esperanzas / expectativas de su padre
      • her bourgeois expectations sus aspiraciones burguesas
      • They may simply sit tight in the expectation that the club's growth will continue and the value of their stake will rise further.
      • With this belief comes the expectation that a booming economy will beget social progress.
      • Simply to build as many houses as possible in the expectation that prices will fall significantly in the near future will not solve the problem.
      • On the New Year, many people wear new outfits with the expectation that the coming year will bring them prosperity.
      • You sit down and have an expectation that you are going to receive good visual information.
      • As a result, most have insured against compensation claims in the expectation that legal problems will become more frequent.
      • It is our expectation that the government will increase tuition fees.
      • Society gives you the expectation that once your children have left home, it's ‘your time’.
      • Investors also sold shares in the expectation that demand for steel may slow in line with falling auto production.
      • There is an expectation that parents will not be able to cope without external support from a raft of experts and professionals.
      • This created an expectation that the war would be long, ferocious and severe.
      • Most Australians have grown up with an expectation that a hard day's work will reap its rewards.
      • A homeowner who plants a mango tree does so with the expectation that mangoes will be reaped.
      • We tend to pay our taxes in the expectation that it will be utilized for the betterment of the world we live in.
      • To date it has announced that 1,600 jobs are to be axed but there is an expectation that more will follow.
      • Worse still is the expectation that conditions are certain to deteriorate in the coming weeks.
      • There is an expectation that there will be a reduction in staff numbers in the UK.
      • There was an expectation that interest rates might go down, but certainly not up.
      • The judge said none of the detainees had a reasonable expectation of privacy during the tribunals.
      • Why should the police have a higher expectation of privacy than anyone else?

  • 2expectations plural

    (de heredar) (of inheritance) expectativas femenino
    (de ascenso) (of promotion) expectativas femenino
    • Then you must know that I have a devilish rich uncle in the East Indies, Sir Oliver Surface, from whom I have the greatest expectations.
    • O yes: I have what are called expectations!
    • Adopting the language of restitution leads to the return of unjust enrichment, while estoppel enables the son to receive his expectations.
    • It's insanity to worry about some heir's expectations.
    • The book will help anyone with ‘expectations’, modest or exceptional, avoid potential pitfalls.