Translation of expediency in Spanish:


conveniencia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈspidiənsi/ /ɪkˈspiːdɪənsi/ /ɛkˈspiːdɪənsi/

Definition of conveniencia in Spanish


  • 1

    conveniencia feminine
    interés personal masculine
    his life was guided by the principle of expediency el oportunismo dirigía su vida
    • That creation can only be regarded as one of expediency and convenience.
    • With a national election looming next year, the dispute is charged with allegations of political expediency.
    • Jefferson's acts as president possess a coherence beyond the accidents of expediency.
    • How does the state balance sympathy and the demands of expediency?
    • Once Constitution stands in the way of natural justice then it must be rooted out and changed with vigorous expediency.
  • 2formal

    conveniencia feminine