Traducción de expel en español:


expulsar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈspɛl/ /ɛkˈspɛl/

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verbo transitivo expelling, expelled, expelled

  • 1

    (force to leave)
    (person) expulsar
    he was expelled from the party fue expulsado del partido
    • Eventually the king was forced to expel her from the country.
    • He would like to deport and expel people who are French, people who would otherwise vote in elections.
    • This champion of samurai who would overthrow the Shogunate and expel the barbarians became the devoted follower of the elite shogunal official.
    • After he won the presidency in 1990, the opposition joined with the Army to overthrow him and expel him from the country.
    • Some 800,000 people were expelled and several hundreds of thousands internally displaced.
    • The organisation has expelled three members following an internal investigation over their role in the killing and cover-up.
    • Security forces had allied with extreme loyalists to expel families from their homes.
    • When one family member is expelled, the entire family goes into exile.
    • Only last month the south Asian neighbours expelled each other's diplomats over accusations of spying.
    • If there is one thing we could do to give this, and other cities, a sensible future, it would be to banish, expel, deport, and forever exile this noxious device and all its associated poisons.
    • A Mexican force soon expelled him, and his rangers burned the town of as they left.
    • Russian forces expelled the older scientists and held the younger ones as prisoners of war.
    • That means the possibility of using the threat of force to force them to give up their weapons and expel the radical organization.
    • The country has expelled five diplomats following scrutiny of their activities.
    • He and three other newspeople were expelled from Baghdad last week.
    • The one-time Libyan envoy to London, he was expelled from Britain in 1980 for publicly threatening to murder dissidents.
    • I haven't had any news of her since I was expelled from Australia.
    • He has been based here since he was expelled from Sudan, and forbidden entry to his homeland of Saudi Arabia.
    • But he was then expelled from the country instead of being taken to a Portuguese prison to begin his sentence.
    • Long a supporter of the Sudeten Germans, his wife's own family was expelled from Czechoslovakia in 1945.
    • The allegations resulting in the perjury trial forced him to quit the candidacy, and he was subsequently expelled from the party for five years.
    • He was expelled from the Conservative Party yesterday morning.
    • On a unanimous vote on all of these charges, he was expelled from the party.
    • She was expelled from the party for opposing neo-liberalism and is one of the founders of a new socialist party in her country.
    • He became involved in the underground Croatian nationalist movement, for which he was expelled from party and office in 1967.
    • When he was finally expelled from office, the people were so outraged by his excess that he and his wife were literally stoned to death.
    • He was expelled from school for punching a teacher.
    • When the Nazis occupied his country, he was expelled from school and put to work as a construction labourer.
    • Persons are not expelled from universities for attending non-violent demonstrations.
    • Fourteen candidates were expelled from the examination venue on the charge of indulging in malpractices.
    • After being convicted by the jury she was put on a residential drug treatment and testing order but that failed when she was expelled from the hostel.
    • She was also expelled from school, after teachers said she would be a ‘bad influence’ on the other girls.
    • It is a thread of troublemaking that has followed him ever since he was expelled from school in California for lighting a firework in class.
    • There were even reports of college students being expelled from school for addiction to computer games.
    • At 15, he was expelled from school after being accused of selling cannabis - a claim he denies.
    • She had been officially expelled from the clan, and her clan markings scoured clean with caustic substances.
    • No one is opposed to such politicians being expelled from the political scene.
    • He found a job doing data entry, but was fired when his boss found out he was expelled from university.
    • At one point I was nearly expelled from school for having a bad influence.
    • He was expelled from a city school in second year and was heading straight for jail.
    • You are incredibly lucky that the headmaster hasn't expelled you, and brought criminal charges against you.
    • The party itself was forced to expel three members and sanction one other.
    • Most non-government schools have much wider powers to select or expel students, and select and dismiss teachers and other staff, than government schools.
    • UEFA's disciplinary body could have expelled the Italian club from European competition next season.
  • 2

    (air/liquid/smoke) expulsar
    (air/liquid/smoke) expeler formal
    • As with a foreign object, sometimes the body rejects a body piercing and expels it or causes it to migrate.
    • After birth, the body expels the fluid and salt, and their blood pressure drops.
    • You know how wretched it is to eat something you shouldn't have and spend the next day and a half miserably expelling it from your body.
    • The chair's legs squeaked against the floor as she pushed it away and coughed, her body expelling the pill across to the far side of the table.
    • The immune system does this work, targeting and breaking down outworn or foreign materials and expelling them from the body.
    • A sponge filters out microscopic food by drawing water through tiny spores in its body wall and then expelling it through its top opening.
    • We could not breathe, either, for our lungs were much too busy expelling laughter from our bodies.
    • Viruses in your throat or chest also stimulate your cough reflex, which helps your body expel the mucus and the virus, he says.
    • Acute diarrhea is an important defense mechanism that enables your body to expel foreign bacteria and parasites quickly.
    • Like peppermint, it helps your body expel gas, but it also stimulates your digestive juices.
    • That my body wants to expel the dust of the past as quickly as it inhales it seems to me an entirely healthy mechanism.
    • When you take in those extra salts, your body will need to expel them as quickly as possible.
    • So, once his races are over, his main priority will be to expel them from his body as fast and efficiently as possible.
    • Yoga helps your body reabsorb and expel gas by stimulating peristalsis, the muscle contractions that eliminate waste.
    • A thrust compressing the abdomen just below the diaphragm forces air up from the lungs through the throat - expelling a foreign body from the choking victim.
    • Straightening, she took a deep breath before expelling it sharply.
    • Pamela took a deep breath, expelled it slowly, puffing her cheeks out.
    • Unless they are expelled from your body, they add to your weight.
    • It turns out that some species of penguin can expel their feces with such force that it can fly 40 cm.
    • Small but prolonged rises in sea temperature force coral colonies to expel their symbiotic, food-producing algae, a process known as bleaching.