Translation of expend in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈspɛnd/ /ɛkˈspɛnd/

See Spanish definition of consumir

transitive verb

  • 1

    to expend sth on sth/sb gastar algo en algo/algn
    • Massachusetts enjoyed a qualified success with its militia by expending money and energy on the effort.
    • SInce the country has not yet become self-reliant in terms of energy, it still expends vast sums of money protecting energy supplies.
    • Mostly, I am bitter that I spent so much time expending emotional energy towards ills that only existed in his mind.
    • You will be expending money that could better be spent on policing, which is what the budget is there for.
    • Under this sequence, the capitalist expends a sum of money M in buying materials and machinery and in paying wages.
    • Why should they be expending precious resources and energy on saving these creatures?
    • He was too weak to move very much, expending any energy he had trying to breathe.
    • What has been established is that lies were told and that much energy was expended on ensuring that the truth never got out.
    • The government tries to be a middleman but is unable to arbitrate, so a lot of energy is expended on political issues.
    • All the creative energy is expended in hyping and sales, with none left over for the product.
    • All mountain activity was postponed and eager skiers were confined to the lowlands and forced to be resourceful in finding alternative ways of expending their energy.
    • Winning is all for the chess player, who expends enormous energy in each game he plays.
    • Their findings suggest that self-regulation involves exertion, which expends energy, depleting the available supply and impairing subsequent task performance.
    • As such, this country's democratic values are contradicted, and seemingly mocked, as it expends military energy to suppress those who strive for self-determination.
    • Movement expends energy and can attract predators, and increased movement capacity may evolve only at the sacrifice of reproductive effort.
    • A cup of coffee in the morning can increase performance, but too much coffee expends energy and can create long-term exhaustion.
    • A photon gains energy when it falls into the gravitational potential of an overdense region, and expends energy when it climbs back out.
    • While lipin in fat tissue influences the capacity of cells to store fat, lipin in muscle affects the rate at which the body expends energy and burns fat.
    • This person is unassuming and fun; she expends great energy in giving detailed answers and sets no time limits or out-of-bounds topics.
    • A developer expends money on the project before planning permission is granted at his own risk.
  • 2

    (use up, exhaust)
    (resources/supplies) consumir
    (resources/supplies) agotar