Translation of expense in Spanish:


gasto, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈspɛns/ /ɛkˈspɛns/

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  • 1

    (cost, outlay)
    gasto masculine
    it's well worth the expense vale la pena hacer el gasto
    • hang the expense! ¡olvídate del dinero!
    • we don't want to put you to any expense no queremos ocasionarte ningún gasto
    • at very little expense por muy poco dinero
    • it was done at great/considerable expense se hizo gastando mucho dinero/una suma importante de dinero
    • at other people's expense a costa de los demás
    • I had the book published at my own expense la publicación del libro corrió por mi cuenta
    • I bought it at my own expense lo compré con dinero de mi propio bolsillo
    • at the company's expense a cargo / a cuenta de la compañía
    • they had a good laugh at my expense se partieron de risa a costa mía / a mi costa
    • Anything above that is insurance premium tax, office costs, marketing expenses and commission for sellers.
    • How is it logical to spend the same amount in transport expenses as it would cost to keep the factory open?
    • They finally had enough revenues to cover their fixed costs and marketing expenses.
    • The charges purely cover the cost of any travel expenses, blank CDs etc etc.
    • Note that these amounts do not include travel and lodging expenses nor the cost of running an office in their riding.
    • Supplementary expenses rate £25 per night to cover incidental expenses and cost of evening meal.
    • It also provides financial help to family members to cover travel expenses, hotel costs and phone bills.
    • The money goes towards running costs, including office expenses, classroom materials and cleaning bills.
    • They pointed out that savings on rentals elsewhere and reduced traveling expenses was servicing the cost of the new building.
    • His airfare and hotel expenses were charged to the Harbour Fest.
    • The money could then be set aside in a special fund which would be used to reimburse the state for incurring these expenses.
    • Although it is true that the price of flour has been lowered, have any of the other associated bakery expenses and costs been reduced?
    • A fortunate few have previously negotiated conversion from lease to proper title with the former laird for just the cost of the legal expenses.
    • A broader range of expenses incurred by business will become tax deductible.
    • His total claim of £128,053 went towards paying for housing allowances, office costs and travel expenses.
    • They are in addition to payments being made by BA for hotel, transport and food expenses incurred by disrupted passengers.
    • The fee does not include travel expenses incurred by the guest (which need to be reimbursed separately).
    • It was stressed that the allowances are not a salary per se, but are intended to pay for postage and telephone costs and other expenses.
    • Here he engaged in another traditional hobby of the expat - the claiming of expenses incurred in the line of duty.
    • They are only paid for administration costs and associated expenses.
    • The only new expense incurred would be the cost of walkie-talkies for the official and the technical advisor.
    • The attempt to recover costs had simply incurred further public expense on both sides.
    • They have to do so at their own expense as the cost of living increases.
    • How do those costs compare with the expense incurred in buying into and getting out of a managed fund?
    • An order to give notice would require that the parties incur further substantial expense with no corresponding benefit.
    • Well, you never just incur expense; you always incur expense for something.
    • Owners of regularly flooded houses could opt to seal their properties from flood waters at their own expense - at a cost of up to £8,000.
    • This charge only covers the basics and any ‘cosmetic’ treatment will of course incur additional expense.
    • The repeat exercise will incur further expense for the taxpayers.
    • The extra expense of higher fuel costs can be offset, at least temporarily, by winning the bet on rising prices.
    • And speaking of expense, the cost of using email is skyrocketing.
    • The fixed costs, variable costs, the interest expense and depreciation are allowable deductions.
    • Until then they need not concern themselves about the current market rent nor need they incur expense in obtaining advice with regard thereto.
    • The only such expense incurred to date relates to one session of dance lessons in which the petitioner enrolled the children.
    • The ostensible justification for this profiteering at public expense is the cost of research into new drugs.
    • So any incurred expense will go directly into materials rather than additional tools.
    • If the buyer then fails to accept the bill, the supplier may incur considerable expense in retrieving the situation.
    • I am concerned about the fact that all this expense has been incurred.
    • It would simply be part of the overhead expense incurred by the solicitor in the proper conduct of his practice.
    • It also incurs the added expense of rigid triage at entry into the system to determine if demand is indeed urgent.
  • 2expenses plural

    (incidental costs)
    gastos masculine
    to pay sb's expenses pagar los gastos de algn
    • all expenses paid con todos los gastos pagados
    • entertainment/clothing expenses gastos de representación/vestuario
    • $40 plus expenses 40 dólares más los gastos
    • to put sth on expenses cargar algo a la cuenta de la compañía
    • the meal was on expenses la comida corrió a cargo de la compañía