Traducción de expense account en español:

expense account

cuenta de gastos de representación, n.


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    cuenta de gastos de representación femenino
    • expense-account lunch
    • It's generally not worth it unless you are a time-pressed business traveler on an expense account.
    • The publisher had a huge expense account, especially for business trips.
    • Indeed, many of our survey respondents indicated they like getting something for nothing, even if they are traveling on an expense account.
    • I order the steak dinner when I'm on my expense account for work.
    • He paid for it out of his expense account - which he shouldn't have done.
    • For instance, if I want to pay for some business-related books, I would debit my savings account and credit an expense account for books.
    • I can pay you $25,000, plus travel expenses and a reasonable expense account beyond that.
    • For many of these hotels the businessman with an expense account is their bread and butter.
    • Suddenly, he had a staff and an office and an expense account, and he could hire his friends, as well as artists and writers he'd long admired.
    • The state House has a secret database showing how lawmakers spend expense account money for travel, lodging, office expenses and publications.
    • Recently, in the dead of night, our legislators doubled their office expense account, even though many have no office expenses.
    • What has saved him so far are his back-benchers, made compliant with a large salary, an expense account, and an index-linked pension when they get the heave-ho.
    • Do not order the most expensive thing on the menu just because you think this is a corporate expense account, or don't know any better.
    • He had a fat pay cheque, a generous pension to come, a company BMW and an expense account.
    • This special prosecutor keeps calling me up wanting my expense account records.
    • A demanding standard of financial honesty is expected of politicians, and even small-scale tax evasion or misuse of an expense account can lead to removal from office.
    • You'll have an expense account and the ability to rent out any part of the complex for special occasions, he explained.
    • The newspaper sent a letter on May 22 to 39 state House members asking to review receipts for their expense account spending from last year.
    • I find it difficult to present to my boss an expense account with the tip included.
    • The first thing he wanted to know was, was I on an expense account.