Traducción de explain en Español:


explicar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈspleɪn/ /ɛkˈspleɪn/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make understandable)
    to explain sth to sb explicarle algo a algn
    • Her mother has written to him explaining the situation but has not heard back.
    • Call the company, explain the situation and give an estimate of the time you will arrive.
    • My wife will then have to explain the situation to another helpful city employee.
    • They are to send a joint letter to all schools and colleges this week explaining the situation.
    • This goes some way to explaining the idea that works of art have to do with truth.
    • I explained this idea to the people I met this week, and most said they would be keen.
    • It explains in detail why he came to Scotland and how the factory was born.
    • As the feature on this page explains, this idea is a runner, if not an odds-on certainty.
    • She explained she had no idea how the tree got into her brother's garden.
    • All the agencies have Chinese signs explaining the concept of the minimum wage law.
    • He liked to do mathematics on his feet, often prancing while he explained his thoughts.
    • Also, I find explaining and describing things helps get my thoughts in order.
    • One might expect that Marx would go on to explain in some detail what communism would be like.
    • Pete goes on to explain in detail exactly how to achieve all this for consistent accuracy.
    • In fact, explains Greene, the best way to seduce someone is to fall in love with them.
    • We have not been explaining the facts to teachers, our customers and the customers of the future.
    • After explaining his legal position, we asked her the reason for detention.
    • Mr Blake said he was handing out 3,000 manifesto leaflets explaining his policies.
    • I kind of lost my taste for the science fiction show when they started explaining everything.
    • Helpfully, a letter turned up this morning explaining the entire process to me.
  • 2

    (account for)
    (actions/absence/disappearance) explicar
    how do you explain the fact that … ? ¿cómo explica el hecho de que … ?
    • that explains everything! eso lo explica / aclara todo
    • I explained that I'd been delayed les expliqué que me había retrasado
    • So to explain these events it is necessary to examine the entire geological record.
    • The bus was on time and its route correct, so how do we explain this unnecessary event?
    • Here supporters of the Socialist Party have to be honest in explaining the recent defeat.
    • Already Labour is explaining the defeat as purely a consequence of the low turn-out.
    • Quite why it took so long for the village to mark this achievement isn't explained on the plaque.
    • Thus it does not seem possible to explain the price increase in terms of demand factors.
    • What explains this curious death of an idea once favoured by the men at the top of their two parties?
    • If only he had been injured it might have explained his appalling performance.
    • In an exclusive interview with company chairman, he explains his reasons for the switch.
    • He should be explaining his reasons for his decision in the House of Assembly today.
    • Another reason to explain the popularity of the leather look is its affordability.
    • In our family, we have always sat down and talked and tried to explain why you need to vote.
    • His curious logic in explaining his reasons for this is beyond my wit I am afraid.
    • I was writing a note to Pip's Mum to explain about our disappearance and put it on her desk.
    • Cole grinned and went on to explain about the different types of magic users that there were.
    • The advent of this seemingly blessed type can partly be explained by the modern economy.
    • One of the reasons I am drawn towards this theory is because it explains many of the injustices of life.
    • In his autobiography, he explains in detail why it did not become a worldwide business.
    • It involves setting up a website describing yourself and explaining why you need money.
    • A real comparison on an equal level would go a long way in explaining this crisis.
    • Their adventurous and inquisitive nature explains their fascination with the ancient beauty and splendor of Egypt.
    • This explains their preference for politicians who want to cut taxes (even though this means fewer public services).
    • Thirdly, he submitted that Mr Perry invited the jury to reason that Robert Kerr's psychiatric condition explained his alleged conduct.
    • He was also English, which explained his sometimes weird language, my favourite word being "gads".
    • His mother's heritage more than explained his strength and agility.
    • He had studied at Oxford and was a Rhodes Scholar, which explained why he spoke such beautiful English.
    • Abe also admitted that many professional players complained about the course's difficulty which explained why there were no golfers managing to score under par.
    • His preoccupation with solitude also explains why Tsai's films are often very nearly free of dialogue.
    • What explains this astonishing mobilisation of voter emotion, particularly in affluent white suburbs?

verbo reflexivo pronominal

  • 1

    please explain yourself more clearly por favor explíquese más claramente
    • you're late, explain yourself! explique por qué llega tarde

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    will you explain? ¿me lo explicas?
    • if you'd just let me explain al menos déjame que te explique
    • he's got some explaining to do nos debe una explicación