Translation of exploit in Spanish:


explotar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈsplɔɪt/ /ɛkˈsplɔɪt/ /ˈɛkˌsplɔɪt/ /ˈɛksplɔɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (assets/reserves) explotar
    • That would eliminate some of the loopholes exploited by large, wealthy factory farms.
    • He feels commercial interests are exploiting the situation and selling parents the idea that they can buy things to substitute for time with their children.
    • With five minutes left the visitors had exploited the situation to score two converted tries to cut RI's lead to eight points.
    • Many private developers exploit the situation where the demand exceeds available space.
    • These people also know how to exploit legal loopholes and can often avoid official inspections.
    • Instead, by exploiting a tragic situation, I think they are trying to score cheap miles, and I firmly believe this will backfire in their faces.
    • The nationwide store has ruthlessly exploited a legal loophole.
    • The worm exploits a vulnerability in the software which was first warned about in May 2000.
    • They are cynically exploiting the fears and concerns that exist over the question of the immigrants.
    • Study your opponent, keep your defenses up and systematically exploit weaknesses.
    • Spam is one of the areas that the underworld of the internet are successfully exploiting for commercial gain.
    • The security hole could be exploited by malicious hackers or a future internet worm.
    • Worse still, when disasters occur they are ruthlessly exploited to advance the globalisation agenda.
    • Employers have exploited the situation to end strikes and press ahead with plans to cut jobs and working conditions.
    • "They have created the conditions that could be exploited by the terrorists, " he declared.
    • I will not exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience.
    • There is nothing, it seems, that can't be exploited for political profit.
    • Sporting activities must be organised so that they are for leisure and not exploited for profit or voyeurism.
    • Class hatreds were exploited on an unparalleled scale.
    • Software defects can be exploited on scale far larger than defects in physical products.
    • It claims entitlement to an unspecific open-ended incentive derived from exploiting a natural resource.
    • He said that it was like the old colonial attitude of exploiting a resource in an area but bringing the benefits back home to the ‘motherland’.
    • Some other countries exploiting their mineral resources are setting aside money to prepare for the day when the oil runs out.
    • The coastal State exercises over the continental shelf sovereign rights for the purpose of exploring it and exploiting its natural resources.
    • We are looking at exploiting other natural resources in the area, such as gold, such as phosphates, such as bauxite.
    • And unless we are careful while exploiting this resource, we might end up depleting it to unsustainable levels.
    • Currently, manufacturers are exploiting the natural resources with very low efficiency.
    • It also pays special attention to exploiting marine resources and marketing marine products.
    • One of the primary objectives of modern economic theory and free markets is to exploit finite resources at ever-quicker rates.
    • Regions in the east are able to exploit natural resources such as forestry to provide for prison labour.
    • Still it is a national resource and should be exploited to the full.
    • Can we stop over-using and exploiting the world's resources?
    • With 13.3 million inhabitants in 1600, Italy's forest resources were exploited to their limit.
    • This means pushing to the limit their traditional food crops as well as their already over exploited marine resources.
    • These boreal forest warblers all exploited that resource while it was abundant.
    • On the coast, the maritime villas that exploited the fishing resources of the lagoons and ponds still played a central role.
    • The interim government believes it can double oil production by 2010 if it exploits existing facilities and develops new fields.
    • And there are countless bacteria out there, just waiting to be commercially exploited.
    • Whelks are widely distributed, but are commercially exploited in only some regions.
    • Services that exploit the higher bandwidth available with 3G have to be marketed to consumers.
  • 2

    (use unfairly)
    (workers/women) explotar
    (situation/relationship) aprovecharse de
    (situation/relationship) explotar
    • Nobody complained that the international capitalists were exploiting the workers.
    • Thirdly, the reason why the capitalist can exploit workers is simply because they have power over them.
    • The capitalist system exploits people everywhere.
    • The effect was to make it easier for the ruling class to exploit the peasants who formed the bulk of the population.
    • Another participant focused on the manner in which men exploited women at the work place.
    • Both groups are exploiting illegal immigrants for profit.
    • The ruling class is obnoxiously greedy, despoiling our planet and exploiting the people on it with a few bare restraints provided by popular pressure over the last century.
    • He yesterday lashed out at his treatment by the media, implicitly accusing them of exploiting him for financial gain.
    • Believed to have about 350 members, they see the EU as exploiting ordinary people and are against a European Constitution.
    • The illegal status lets employers get away with exploiting the workers through lesser wages.
    • We know he has made more than £100,000 from exploiting these people, but we suspect he has made a lot more than this.
    • To prevent workers being exploited, employee rights have had to be translated into eight different languages.
    • The salt pan workers are exploited and often suffer from poor health but get no protection since it is an unorganised industry.
    • Just because we can't see people being exploited, doesn't mean we aren't supporting this unjust system.
    • Politicians have exploited these unfortunate people for their own ends.
    • There have been numerous complaints of outdated labour laws leading to unscrupulous employers exploiting workers.
    • Then we have some members saying to us that a small number of employers are exploiting their workers.
    • You are British workers, also exploited by the capitalists.
    • Motorists are being exploited primarily for revenue purposes, rather than for traffic safety reasons.
    • I feel sorry for the elderly who are exploited in this manner.


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    hazaña feminine
    proeza feminine