Traducción de exploitation en español:


explotación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɛkˌsplɔɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɛksplɔɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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    (of resources, people)
    explotación femenino
    • But it hasn't eliminated the fact of class exploitation.
    • Contrary to today's popular mythology about our past, slavery and exploitation were not taboo subjects then.
    • We want to end exploitation, oppression, injustice, inequality, poverty, hunger and violence.
    • They demand that the State dedicate more resources to the protection of immigrant workers from exploitation.
    • These colonial machinations resulted in mass poverty, exploitation and oppression as the basic facts of life for the African.
    • We might describe feminism as a political project to understand and, therefore, to change women's inequality, exploitation, or oppression.
    • In the anti-capitalist movement there is a tendency to argue that capitalism is simply a system of exploitation and oppression, and that nothing good has ever come out of it.
    • She will not be making an anniversary cake to remember this fight against women's oppression and exploitation.
    • Along with exploitation, enslavement also bred intimacy, mutuality, and reciprocal dependency.
    • There is no one perfect solution to the complex problem of mass exploitation and oppression within the worldwide sex industry.
    • The easy way to put it would be that non-consensual oppression and exploitation is bad, consensual good.
    • Many are drawing the conclusion that the oppression and exploitation they face are a result of the system itself.
    • We want to publicise the struggles of those who are organising against oppression and exploitation.
    • In West Africa, the chocolate industry benefits from the exploitation of child workers in cocoa fields.
    • Their focus was more on reaping benefits from the exploitation of African labor.
    • Worker exploitation and unfair wages are no laughing matter.
    • However, according to Diana, many women do not wish to report their exploitation for fear of the potential consequences.
    • In fact, many universities directly profit from the exploitation of the women and men around the globe who make the clothes that bear their logo.
    • This is a situation of gross exploitation of workers by businesses and their political mouthpieces.
    • The hotel industry has thrived on maintaining low pay through the exploitation of cheap immigrant labor, and the situation in Minneapolis is no different.
    • Neither did they have the support of leaders from underdeveloped countries, who benefit from the exploitation of resources and labor in their own countries.
    • For the first time, specific measures would be put in place to ensure that communities benefit directly from the exploitation of mineral resources.
    • The agreement regulates the exploitation of water resources shared by Namibia and Angola.
    • The president is committed to the exploitation of energy resources in wilderness that just happens to be under the protection of the previous president's directives.
    • Crippling debt repayments and the external exploitation of natural resources have channelled money out of countries that were never wealthy in the first place.
    • The drilling of new wells to provide water to settlements in the West Bank and Gaza involves the exploitation of previously untapped resources.
    • Experts have been speaking against the importing of grown trees for some time, blaming the practice for the exploitation rural natural resources.
    • Sustainable development offers us a unifying concept for the exploitation of natural resources and the integration of environment and development.
    • Industrial development and the exploitation of resources left many parts of the Empire more economically self-sufficient than before.
    • The foremost weakness in the exploitation of timber resources in Zambia has been the absence of capacity to add value to the product.
    • Currently, I think, we put a lot of emphasis on the exploitation of natural resources.
    • There is much profit to be extracted from the ‘reconstruction’ program but the really big money is in the exploitation of oil resources.
    • Four main components indicate repeated use of this location as a seasonally occupied camp for the exploitation of riverine resources.
    • However, the exploitation of energy resources has been slow due to a shortage of capital and domestic political constraints.
    • Here, we are concerned with the exploitation of renewing resources by groups of foragers.
    • There is a need also to move away from a wealth creation approach based on the exploitation of natural resources.
    • In Congo, a new report into the exploitation of diamonds, gold and the rare ore, coltan, which is used in mobile phones, is due to be published soon.
    • Instead, agriculture will be benefited by improved exploitation of the available water before crops are subjected to severe drought.
    • The comuneros, the men who are entitled to benefit from forest exploitation, are expected to fight forest fires when necessary.
    • Not only the water but fish, sand and shorelines become subject to licensed exploitation, only those with cash or bribes can use them.