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exploración, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɛkspləˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɛkspləˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1(of country, area, town)

      exploración femenino
      a voyage of exploration un viaje de exploración
      • we set off on an exploration of the village salimos a explorar el pueblo
      • Demonstrations and exhibits, many of them interactive, will cover aspects on space, space travel and exploration.
      • In fact, one of the goals of the space society's event was to increase awareness of Canada's role in space exploration.
      • Its mandate is sweeping to set the agenda for space exploration well into the 21st century.
      • There is, of course, one fly in the ointment, and that is the fact that space exploration costs money.
      • Aren't you fascinated to know what the President is going to say about space exploration next week?
      • The aim is to pay more attention to the human factor of space exploration.
      • The beauty, the mystery, the danger, and the drama will always be a part of space exploration.
      • Why not put space exploration on the back burner until we have solved more problems here where real life is?
      • It is the writers of science fiction who have ventured to show us what the possibilities of space exploration might be like.
      • What's ahead for the beleaguered agency and manned exploration of space in general?
      • Now tourism is just one of several new possibilities emerging in space exploration.
      • I want them to know not only the history of space exploration, but the future of it as well.
      • As a byproduct, space exploration provides us with expensive toys that are not designed for killing each other.
      • The mission to Titan has kicked off one of the most exciting years for space exploration in more than a quarter of a century.
      • The political impetus to push deep space exploration forward has essentially dissipated.
      • He has been profiled everywhere, his name now synonymous in Britain with space exploration.
      • In September 1699 he sailed again making a thorough exploration of the Atlantic shores.
      • Trying to find alien life and a thorough exploration of Mars would be both popular and interesting goals.
      • He feels that India is equipped to take the lead in ocean exploration and research.
      • I sent out my 5 pods, each containing a satellite and a probe for surface exploration.

    • 1.2(of subject)

      estudio masculino
      análisis masculino
      • Future research may include a more thorough exploration of these observations.
      • He then set about a thorough and painstaking exploration of what an orchestral work of the late 20th century might be.
      • At the same, this is a film of emotional depth, humour and intelligent exploration of its subject.
      • That had been the subject of factual exploration and is well covered by findings of fact.
      • Subsequently, it invites peer review and involves exploration of student learning.
      • I personally look forward to his future explorations on the subject.
      • It's one of the best and most immersive explorations of the subjects that I've been involved with…
      • It is a structure which is perfect for a linear exploration of a subject - in this case, the rise and rise of Frank Gehry.
      • However far you go in the exploration of this subject, you can be certain that there will be things around the corner waiting to surprise you.
      • He breaks away from standard realism into an exploration of the subject matter.
      • From Descartes onward, the Enlightenment was also concerned with an exploration of the individual subject.
      • As a result the book is more a scrap-book of his personal reflections than a thorough exploration of the concept of community.
      • Their knowledge and experiences can only add to the validity of the text in providing a thorough exploration of desistance.
      • We brought to this exploration our prior study of relevant issues in our individual research.
      • He was told that the study's exploration of options amounted to planning for failure.
      • The only remedy for this, of course, is passionate exploration and in-depth study!
      • There must be complex mental health issues which need exploration and analysis.
      • A period of exploration and study about ideas new to organizational life began.
      • Further exploration should not be limited to examining practices within pharmacy alone.
      • Research into retention is an important area for further exploration and analysis.

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    exploración femenino