Translation of explosion in Spanish:


explosión, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈsploʊʒən/ /ɪkˈspləʊʒ(ə)n/ /ɛkˈspləʊʒ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (of bomb, gas)
    explosión feminine
    estallido masculine
    a loud explosion una fuerte explosión
    • The researchers also plan to measure the speed of the explosion's shock wave to get further data.
    • When massive stars die, most of their energy is released as neutrinos in violent supernova explosions.
    • They carry a large fraction of the kinetic energy of the explosions of very massive stars.
    • If the energy from stellar explosions doesn't destroy them, ultraviolet light from nearby ultraluminous stars will.
    • They are cooler areas and tend to erupt in gigantic explosions sending a tremendous amount of radiation towards the earth.
    • A medic had found her on the platform near one of the commuter trains that had been ripped apart by twin bomb explosions.
    • The peace in the town was shattered by the explosion, which blew out doors and windows and sprayed glass across the street.
    • In the northern province, a bomb explosion damaged an oil pipeline.
    • The vehicle was damaged in an explosion of a bomb planted on a road 5-6 km east of the camp.
    • A passerby was wounded, several cars were damaged and windows in nearby building were shattered by the explosion.
    • That explosion shattered windows and caused heavy damage in one of the city's busiest areas.
    • The facades and windows had been blown out by the explosion and smoke was billowing from the building.
    • Then a series of explosions blew more the ship apart until, finally, the reactor detonated in a dazzling spiral of flames and blue light.
    • Fire engulfed the ships, and explosions from ammunition blew the ships apart.
    • The ball was fired into the wall with an explosion like a bomb going off, blowing out a hole in the wall the size of a small house.
    • The country is caught in a vicious web of bloody violence caused by grenade and bomb explosions, numerous bomb threats and the inability of the security forces to stop these.
    • Earlier today there were at least two reported car bomb explosions outside three churches in an area called Karadi.
    • The number of bomb explosions has soared to 85 cases this year, a five-fold leap from last year, which saw 17 cases.
    • Three additional explosions caused by roadside bombs killed three insurgents planting the devices, police said.
    • The death toll in the car bomb explosions has now risen to 28 with 80 seriously injured ad over 100 suffering with other injuries.
    • The explosions occurred just minutes apart.
    • There were no bullets and the explosions were made by blowing up a mixture of peat and cork, but the anxiety and tension were all too real more than 85 years after the Armistice.
    • The sound of thunder ripped me from my slumber, not one, not two but three enormous explosions shattered the still morning air.
    • We held hands until a sudden explosion beneath us caused the hotel to rock violently.
    • The number of the injured in the explosion amount to more than 1,300, excluding over 160 deaths that have been reported.
  • 2

    (of anger)
    estallido masculine
    explosión feminine
    • Finding oneself faced by danger, difficulties, sudden outburst or an explosion of anger, one shouldn't react quickly.
    • Jason couldn't understand her sudden explosion of anger and he knew there had to be more to what was bothering her than the spider prank.
    • Described as powerful, domineering and charismatic, he alternated affection with explosions of anger that terrified children and staff.
    • We do not particularly approve of the explosions of anger.
    • The same explosion of public anger and immediate calls for improved safety followed the deaths of 31 people in the rail crash in October last year.
    • The protests were explosions of anger in which typically anywhere between 500 and 1,000 protesters blocked busy roads with burning barricades.
    • The heavy explosion of hatred, anger, hurt, confusion and… some deeply hidden terror struck her like an A-bomb.
    • This provoked an explosion of anger by rank-and-file workers.
    • Nero had to quickly prepare himself for the explosion of anger that was to come.
    • The recent explosion of popular anger comes after centuries of misrule.
    • City officials are worried that another horrific police killing could provoke an explosion of popular anger given the deepening social crisis in New York.
    • Constantly downing cans of beer, he only relates to his son with silence, self-hatred, and sudden explosions of violence.
    • Isolation led to claustrophobia led to sudden explosions of violence.
    • From the beginning the relationship was volatile, with constant emotional explosions.
    • The first signs that all is not well may be anything from a slow escalation of irritable behaviour to a sudden explosion of violence.
    • In an explosion of emotions, I broke down and cried.
    • It is an explosion of emotions and, by the end of the show, she is left sweating and gasping for breath.
    • As the energy swirled about him, he marvelled at the sudden explosion of power that surged through his veins.
    • The strong emphasis on peaceful conduct and emotional control can result in explosions of violent behavior under the influence of alcohol.
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    a population explosion una explosión demográfica
    • there has been a price explosion los precios se han disparado