Traducción de exponent en español:


exponente, n.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈspoʊnənt/ /ˈɛkspoʊnənt/ /ɪkˈspəʊnənt/ /ɛkˈspəʊnənt/

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    (of art style) exponente masculino, femenino
    (of idea, theory) defensor masculino
    (of idea, theory) defensora femenino
    (of idea, theory) partidario masculino
    (of idea, theory) partidaria femenino
    • Readers of this column will be aware, I am sure, that I have been a big exponent of the idea of a winter break in the past.
    • The recently deceased Lord was the main exponent of the idea that aid did not work.
    • Verdi is an exponent of the same ideas, the same sense of statecraft.
    • This looked like an all-too-arbitrary act by a king already known as an exponent of divine-right theory.
    • Further, his practical experience during a time of great economic stress made him an eloquent exponent of the idea that there are times when government has to play a leading role in solving economic problems.
    • He was an enthusiastic exponent of the ‘Three Age System’, deducing support for it from his examinations of stratified and associated assemblages.
    • This is written by a strong exponent of vegetarianism.
    • She is the best exponent of British social democracy in her generation, arguing for childcare as the missing plank of the British welfare state.
    • However their legacy was to revolutionise modern warfare and to perpetuate the work of their greatest exponent in the armies of the Allied victors.
    • A champion of the poor and an ardent exponent of Christian unity, the Polish pontiff was a beacon of light.
    • ‘All my adult life, I was branded by officials as ‘an exponent of the right’ who wanted to bring capitalism back to our country,’ he wrote.
    • He's certainly slim, and he's also an exponent of positive thinking, judging by the way he saw potential in the near-derelict chapel standing in Essex.
    • Raised in Australia by right-on parents who encouraged political awareness and self-reliance, the actress is a keen exponent of down-to-earth living.
    • However, the leading exponents of the open source ethic predate these events by more than a decade.
    • For a rather unfortunate meme has lately infected the minds of some leading exponents of a naturalistic worldview.
    • Gibbs and Heaviside had been early exponents of the vector calculus while its chief opponents had been Tait.
    • In the nineteenth century there was a movement, of which Steiner was a principal exponent, to keep geometry pure and ward off the depredations of algebra.
    • I remember a raging debate being conducted in the letters pages of the newspaper between British and American exponents of the English language.
    • Dedicated exponents of free speech that they are, the site's editors have now banned one of the few centre-left people who ever posted on their message board.
    • The Italian exponents of lyrical and geometric abstraction were based in Milan and Como, and often worked together with Rationalist architects.
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    exponente masculino
    • He was one of the first to use exponents to represent powers and he used mathematics as a model for the natural sciences.
    • Such power laws with exponents close to 2 have been shown for several biopolymers, where the polymer concentration corresponds to that of gel preparation.
    • Although we now think of logarithms as the exponents to which one must raise the base to get the required number, this is a modern way of thinking.
    • When the exponent is a prime number, I say that its radical less one is divisible by twice the exponent.
    • They can solve routine problems involving fractions and per cents, recognize properties of basic geometric figures, and work with exponents and square roots.