Translation of exponentially in Spanish:


de manera exponencial, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌɛkspəˈnɛn(t)ʃəli/ /ˌɛkspəˈnɛnʃ(ə)li/


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    de manera exponencial
    • Marketing costs have grown exponentially.
    • Data storage needs are increasing exponentially for most organizations.
    • First, the human population is continuing to rise exponentially.
    • E-commerce is expanding exponentially.
    • Medical websites have multiplied exponentially over the past several years.
    • How much longer can we exponentially expand our demand for energy and resources?
    • Diseases can disseminate exponentially fast.
    • Technological development is accelerating exponentially.
    • I think things can get magnified exponentially when you have two celebrities in a situation like this.
    • The monsters in Carpenter's film become exponentially less and less human.