Translation of exposure in Spanish:


exposición, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈspoʊʒər/ /ɪkˈspəʊʒə/ /ɛkˈspəʊʒə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(contact)

      exposición feminine
      exposure to sth exposición a algo

      • exposure to the weather
      • he benefited from exposure to other cultures
      • they've had minimal exposure to computers
      • Many experimental studies of plants and animals, and clinical studies of humans have shown the harmful effect of excessive exposure to UVB radiation.
      • In order to protect children from exposure to harmful vapors, the toy industry has discontinued the use of PVC to produce plastics used in their products.
      • It is nonsensical to claim that it is not the Government's role to intervene to protect people from harmful exposure to tobacco smoke.
      • It is generally thought that where the total mass of dust inhaled is the same, intermittent exposure to dust is less harmful than continuous exposure.
      • Blocking software does not protect children from exposure to a large volume of material that is harmful to minors within the legal definitions.
      • The ozone layer is important to humans, who risk skin cancer and other health effects from high exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.
      • To limit your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones, buy organic ingredients whenever possible.
      • If you work out at home, especially in a humid area such as the basement, your exposure to harmful substances could be much worse.
      • It is known that drinking too much water can be harmful, leading to exposure to toxins and pollutants in water.
      • There are no known harmful effects from exposure to the magnetic field or radio waves used in making MRI images.
      • Could it also be caused by exposure to radiation?
      • The CT scanner will reduce patient exposure to radiation, offer more detailed images and improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.
      • The worker must avoid areas of high irritant exposure and wear adequate respiratory protection.
      • The incubation period between exposure and onset of fever ranged from two to 16 days.
      • Occupational disease due to chemical exposure is a notifiable condition.
      • To protect against all possible types of laser exposure, the physician and everyone in the room should wear protective laser glasses.
      • The link between allergen exposure and asthma is not well understood.
      • All employees subject to hepatitis B virus exposure must be offered vaccination against the virus.
      • These actions limited the exposure of the aircrew and team to hostile fire.
      • Pollution causes damage similar to sun exposure, leading to wrinkles and premature aging.

    • 1.2(to view)

      he objected to the exposure of so much bare flesh estaba en contra de que se exhibiera tanta desnudez
      • the exposure of earlier strata el descubrimiento de estratos anteriores
      • indecent exposure exhibicionismo

    • 1.3Medicine

      congelación feminine
      to be suffering from exposure tener síntomas de congelación
      • to die from exposure morir de frío
      • A 14-year-old student was killed when he was hit by a falling tree and an elderly person died of exposure in the appalling weather conditions.
      • The two most dangerous conditions that can result from cold-weather exposure are frostbite and hypothermia.
      • Exposure has damaged the plaster ceilings, rotted joists, and peeled paint.

  • 2

    • 2.1(unmasking)

      she was threatened with public exposure amenazaron con ponerla al descubierto
      • his exposure as a drug dealer ruined his career su carrera se vio arruinada al revelarse que era un traficante de drogas

    • 2.2(publicity)

      publicidad feminine
      he has not had the exposure he deserves no ha recibido la atención pública que merece
      • He was blamed for this inappropriate exposure of secret material, and it had a detrimental impact on his reputation and mental state.
      • Fearing exposure and embarrassment if he were to assume a conspicuous role at the new arts agency, he turned down the appointment.
      • It's against this background that the novel explodes into murder, mayhem, sexual intrigue and the scandalous exposure of secrets in a splendid denouement.
      • Since I have financial obligations which would be decimated by any exposure, why should I put my anonymity at risk now or in the near future?
      • In response to the embarrassing exposure of its brutal tactics, the military is seeking to blame the soldiers concerned rather than allow anyone to recognise how typical this episode is.
      • The ex-agent is currently living in exile in France, where he has fled to escape prosecution for his exposure of state secrets.
      • There was a time when this exposure of ironies was revelatory.
      • Initially the pickets were very optimistic that the dispute could be resolved quickly in the face of the embarrassing exposure of the employer's dirty tricks.
      • Inevitably, exposure awaits, and often exposure which will damage innocent people who will be besmirched, so audacious is the extent of the crime.
      • They rightly feared that the inevitable exposure of the lies used to justify it would expose the real lack of democracy that exists in the capitalist parliamentary system of government.
      • Their inability to speak up for themselves, their numbing inhibitions, their fear of exposure is the psychological residue of this catharsis.
      • Either of these would make excellent narrative fodder, but I fear exposure through specific disclosure and the spectre of losing my job.
      • They can do that without fear of exposure, you see, because these houses/societies are very, very secret.
      • For years, it was a one-way street for those who injected or ingested their drugs, the promise of victory far more tempting than the fear of exposure.
      • Staff members are more likely to censor themselves for fear of later exposure.
      • Their methods of cover-up and provocation indicate a consciousness of guilt and a fear of exposure.
      • There's some brilliant stuff in there about social awkwardness, and the way we fear but crave exposure.
      • Their exposure as unashamed party girls destroyed their reputation in hometown Rotherham.
      • But within the C.I.A., the exposure of the undercover agent is now considered an even greater instance of treachery.
      • In return, they would receive considerable exposure at most Tour events throughout Europe along with other marketing advantages.
      • This is a channel by film fans for film fans, credited with having brought many great films a wider audience, regular exposure and good publicity too.
      • I am disappointed that the seminary succumbed to the lure of media exposure in orchestrating this event.
      • He received national and worldwide exposure beyond the publicity gained locally.
      • Do you feel the imbalance in terms of public interest/media exposure/sponsors involvement?
      • As a result, much of the information that the public receives comes from the media, or second-hand information based on media exposure.
      • Sadly the sport doesn't receive the media exposure it deserves.
      • There's a lot of street-level talent that hasn't received media exposure yet.
      • While it has received less public exposure due to its general anonymity, its treasures have not gone unnoticed by the scientific community.
      • The formation of a global media network at the event will ensure remarkable exposure for the participants.
      • The scandal brought about by public exposure has led to new, more competent leadership and even to accreditation, meaning that the lab now meets minimum standards.
      • Furthermore, the site acts as a server for local rap and hip-hop artists to make their music available for public download, creating exposure for new talent and material.
      • We're not going to comment as it will only give this publicity-seeking woman even more exposure.
      • I find it unbelievable that our city leaders do not support an event that will bring exposure, people, fun and money to the city.
      • As well as giving these artists much needed exposure, the event is a fundraiser for the arts centre.
      • The wine industry rarely spends money for such direct exposure - for instance by advertising.
      • The exposure these men get on the air is minimal; most of their commentaries are short enough to speak in 30 seconds.
      • Your business can grow only with the exposure that comes through the word of mouth.
      • When they do releases, they have four categories that affect how many theatres and what kind of exposure the film gets.
      • These honors translate into higher box office receipts and greater exposure for our films.

  • 3

    • 3.1(camera setting)

      exposición feminine
      • As he experimented with special lenses and different exposures and paper, his photography became increasingly art-inspired.
      • She will spend a day going through exposure, shutter speed, depth of field and how they are related.
      • For about five years, she devoted considerable energy to photography, meticulously recording exposures and light levels as she became conversant with the medium.
      • Automatic flash units can be used with any camera and have front-mounted sensors that set exposures by measuring the flash bouncing back from the subject.
      • Later he said if he had known how dark the foreground area was he would have given the whole negative another stop of exposure.

    • 3.2(frame)

      fotografía feminine
      exposición feminine
      double exposure doble exposición

  • 4

    orientación feminine
    a house with a southern exposure una casa orientada al sur
    • South and west exposures dry out more quickly, making these areas ideal for your most drought-and heat-tolerant plants.
    • It seems the trees in my neighbor's yard stood an excellent chance of blocking the television signal, which needs a southwestern exposure in the Northeast.
    • Lower dry biomass at the west and southwest exposures could be associated with higher respiration rates and earlier and longer stomatal closure in response to plant water deficits.
    • Rooms with windows facing south get the most direct sunlight, whereas rooms with northern exposures get none, and the same color might look much different in one than the other.
    • Vines are planted on high clay-limestone slopes, many of which enjoy a favourable west south west exposure.
    • In the south, keep pots cool, positioned out of the sun, preferably with a northern exposure.
    • Buildings that have a large percentage of glass often have problems with overheating in perimeter spaces, especially those with southern and western exposures.
    • Southern and eastern exposures are the most desirable.
    • Southern and western exposures are complemented by cool colors.
    • Turn the plan slightly another way and you get southern exposures for the main living areas of the house.
    • Good sites include near the eaves of a building with southern exposure and close to water.
    • Plant this feathery-leaf palm in a well-draining, organically enriched sandy soil with a southern exposure or in a courtyard.
    • He advises gardeners to place their butterfly boxes about four feet above ground and making sure they have a southern exposure in the wintertime.
    • Where earliness is not so important, it is safer to choose a northern exposure that will retard flowering and lessen the danger from late frosts.
    • Our windows have a southern exposure and get very warm during July.
    • Where one is willing to risk frost injury for the sake of exceptionally early yields, one should favor a site with southern exposure and a light soil.
    • Keeping the bulb growing indoors over summer is also an option: kept in bright light, southern exposure is best.