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expresivo, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈsprɛsɪv/ /ɛkˈsprɛsɪv/

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    to be expressive of sth expresar algo
    • His ideas are no more expressive of sophistic thought than of some very ancient Greek traditions.
    • That idea of communality is not expressive of contemporary experience.
    • Note her definition of art as ‘the practice of creating perceptible forms expressive of human feeling.’
    • Today, on the streets of Edinburgh or Glasgow, the kilt and the pipes - and a lot more besides - are not only sexy but also expressive of a new confidence that surges through contemporary Scottish culture.
    • There were no roars or bloodcurdling yells; there was only silence, and then, suddenly, a sigh - a deep, moaning sound, seemingly expressive of release from something dark and fetid.
    • Both gestures celebrated the Italian gift for connecting the intellect with warm human feelings, a gift so admired by many, and expressive of the spirit of the colloquium.
    • The most important realization he came to was that ‘even the most absurd Hollywood movies’ were expressive of larger social forces and trends.
    • Some 1,800 of his sayings are collected here, most of them expressive of his wit and erudition.
    • The free training class aims to help more people get to know the ancient music - which is an embodiment of traditional Chinese culture and most expressive of the essence of Chinese music.
    • When his physician announced an unfavourable change in his condition, he expressed entire resignation, and requested his friends to sing a hymn expressive of that feeling.
    • We're both very expressive of our thoughts and feelings but she'll tell me straight up what she thinks and what she feels.
    • He was happy to set Shakespeare, Herrick or Christina Rossetti to music that was clearly expressive of Victorian or Edwardian English taste.
    • Of all the journalistic stereotypes regularly committed to celluloid, none has been more expressive of its times than the war correspondent.
    • She was fully expressive of her feelings; I was more introverted.
    • The pose is natural and expressive of the sitter's obvious intellectual impoverishment.
    • It is expressive of the dynamic process of ‘give and take’ between partners in an alliance.
    • Reduced to a series of numbers, desire is digitized and is no longer expressive of the individual.
    • What if it was expressive of the redundancy of these men's thoughts, their emptiness and circularity?
    • I just have to be me, unique and expressive of all that is inside just waiting to bust out.
    • The invitation to become members of a surrogate family not based on blood ties yet expressive of the inter-personal values of sibling kinship.