Translation of expressly in Spanish:


expresamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌɪkˈsprɛsli/ /ɪkˈsprɛsli/ /ɛkˈsprɛsli/

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  • 1

    (order/request/prohibit) expresamente
    (order/request/prohibit) explícitamente
    • Large quantities of alcohol, including kegs, beer balls, etc. are expressly prohibited.
    • In contrast, the Florida Constitution spells the point out expressly.
    • Lord Fraser of Tullybelton delivered a concurring speech without expressly addressing future conduct.
    • An intention to override such rights must be expressly stated or appear by necessary implication.
    • However, such victimisation is expressly forbidden by German industrial law.
    • The Philippine Constitution expressly forbids foreign troops from fighting on Philippine soil.
    • Moreover, he expressly guarantees to leave filibusters of legislation alone.
    • First, the court found the tax is a gross receipts tax which is expressly prohibited by that section.
    • Indeed, the report of the Maori Affairs Committee states expressly that neither of them owns the service.
    • It remains open for Parliament to expressly repeal the Act.
    • One policy matter not expressly covered in the final contract was the question of releasing information to the public.
    • That rule expressly requires the Court to consider all the circumstances.
    • Dewald expressly declared that no such immediacy in making the demand was required.
    • Any public activity that would require women to depart from this modest dress in mixed company is expressly forbidden.
    • On the other hand, the resolution expressly praised all those deputies who had voted against the war in parliament.
    • Centralized uniformity expressly forecloses such deviation, in the name of equality.
    • That is hardly surprising, since time limits on the starting of legal proceedings are expressly recognised by the Convention itself.
    • They can and do expressly stipulate what that margin is to be.
    • Congress expressly prohibited states from doing this.
    • The statute did not expressly provide for cross-examination, nor did it impose penalties such as fines and imprisonment.
  • 2

    (make/use) expresamente
    (make/use) especialmente
    • The CPA was established by the National Science Foundation expressly to study dark matter.
    • There are many homes in the national park area which were built expressly to house farm workers.
    • Two new posts were created expressly for supporters of Ashour.
    • A camel rising from a sitting position seems expressly designed to throw the novice straight back onto the ground.
    • The pleading does not expressly rely on such a premise.
    • Many people had come expressly for the purpose of seeing these deliberate, considered bookworks.
    • Meanwhile, Hollywood lies before him like a world set out expressly for him to conquer.
    • Thus the negative-pledge clause may be drafted so as to extend to them expressly.
    • They felt quite alone in their expressly political and critical form of drag artistry.
    • It provides expressly for the convictions to remain and to be brought up again the moment there is a fresh conviction.
    • The legislation would not allow federal funding for embryos created expressly for research purposes.
    • Instead of staying on, he chooses to top-edge a sweep off Anil Kumble straight to fine leg, placed expressly for that shot.
    • With these forest resources close by, people do not grow any trees expressly for fodder or fuelwood on their own cropland.
    • It was reserved expressly for the gentry of Douglas, whoever they were.
    • Expressly tailored for Murray, Johnston is a character that plays to his strengths.
    • But some theologians have recently placed the mystery in a new framework, by setting natural evil within an expressly evolutionary context.
    • The more analytical "Essays and Articles" section concludes with three essays written expressly for Critical Essays.