Translation of exquisite in Spanish:


exquisito, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛkˈskwɪzət/ /ˈɛkˌskwɪzət/ /ˈɛkskwɪzɪt/ /ɪkˈskwɪzɪt/

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  • 1

    (dress/meal) exquisito
    (carving/brooch) de exquisita factura
    (work/workmanship) intrincado
    she looked exquisite estaba bellísima
    • Executed with breathlessly fine strokes, these exquisite images are as beautiful and accomplished as line drawings by Picasso or Matisse.
    • Her fine exquisite features and extremely pale skin were making her look as a statue made by a sculptor master.
    • Their delicate and exquisite prints, some of which use gampi paper as their base, sell for very reasonable prices, an opportunity that may not last.
    • It is the most beautiful, immaculate, exquisite piece of paper - splendidly printed, if not actually embossed.
    • The feature on fathers and daughters, was exquisite, delightful and beautifully written.
    • Neither of us ever had sampled a more exquisite delicacy.
    • My friend has a website filled with beautiful art and exquisite illustrations.
    • With beautiful scenery and exquisite costumes, Coppelia is a truly delightful production to charm audiences of all ages.
    • These beautiful houses with exquisite carvings were built by eight brothers.
    • Salmon is an exquisite delicacy and is also a complete health food, nutritionists tell us.
    • Without creativity, even the most exquisite and beautiful long hair cannot be said to be fashionable.
    • He could give her gifts as exquisite and beautiful as the jewelled butterfly he'd given her on the day he realised he loved her.
    • Gold and silver were made into exquisite adornments, and beautiful objects were created from indigenous turquoise, marble, and other stones.
    • You're always beautiful, with you dark curls and beautiful eyes and exquisite skin.
    • Here, his theme of moral redemption is reflected in the renewing of the seasons - a beautiful metaphor in this exquisite film.
    • A ring was placed on top of her bag, a really beautiful, exquisite ring.
    • They expect a degree of service to go with the exquisite delicacies they have selected for purchase.
    • With over 25 stands displaying their beautiful range of exquisite handmade crafts, the fair is sure to attract a large gathering
    • She has delighted in rendering in delicate detail and exquisite colour the little-known plants and creatures of the desert.
    • I felt I was in the presence of an angel; a wondrous, exquisite but delicate angel.
  • 2

    (taste/manners) exquisito
    • Soprano Juliane Banse's fruity voice is neither childish nor stereotypically innocent, but her diction and sensitivity to words are exquisite.
    • The exquisite sensitivity of the nose can be defeated by a common cold.
    • Happily, the technology is now doing its job, collecting data methodically and with exquisite sensitivity.
    • The nervous system is thus specialized skin that has been internalized to preserve its exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness.
    • Musically, the film is epic yet nuanced, and evidences an exquisite sensitivity to detail.
    • His exquisite sensitivity to the difficulties faced by employers never failed him.
    • In nearly five decades of concert going this writer has rarely heard more exquisite, sensitively projected Chopin.
    • The exquisite taste in clothing of the Indian upper class is in sharp contradistinction to its complete indifference to the external appearance of houses and streets.
    • I'd like to think that I'm a man of exquisite taste.
    • They have exquisite taste in home furnishings.
    • Its high-ceilinged rooms, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, are decorated and furnished with exquisite taste.
    • A catalogue of unparalleled scope and exquisite taste accompanied the exhibit.
    • Clearly, however, he is a man of exquisite taste and judgement.
    • My hostess was a woman dressed in exquisite taste, friendly but politely distant.
    • She had exquisite taste and a flawless grasp of the Court's Byzantine code of conduct.
    • How could someone so morally degenerate have such exquisite taste?
    • He had exquisite taste in literature, but curiously enough these wonderful books didn't sell.
    • Sirk's is a popular cinema fashioned with exquisite taste during what we now know as the twilight of Hollywood's self-enclosed grandeur.
    • Not only did she touch my heart with her sincere and charming correspondence, I was impressed with her exquisite taste and her very modest requests.
    • His exquisite taste and critical attitude has resulted in a collection in the finest imaginable condition.
  • 3

    (pain) intensísimo
    (pleasure) infinito
    • These sorts of wounds are sharp, quick, and part of the game's exquisite agonies.
    • It's a form of exquisite torture watching George and Martha torment each other, and occasionally this becomes tiresome.
    • It's like tapping a spoon on a bad tooth, exquisite agony.
    • Where was the pain of probing the pressure points, the exquisite agony of muscular crystals breaking up under relentless fingers?
    • It was an illuminating moment of exquisite agony still vivid these many years later.
    • I could empathise with the exquisite torture of figuring out your place in the world.
    • Nights of research, practicing accents, roles and dances, were exquisite torture.
    • And it must be the most exquisite torture to be a centrist who is also a patriot.
    • It is an endearing trait, for it encapsulates the exquisite torture endured by so many football fans at this time of year.
    • I still remember the exquisite agony of my first ice cream headache - no one had warned me not to inhale a chocolate milkshake.
    • We know envy as a state of exquisite tension, torment and ill-will, provoked by an overwhelming sense of inferiority, impotence and worthlessness.
    • But in practice the prohibition means exquisite torture for the fighting men and women who crave and deserve a stiff drink at day's end.
    • It drew on sociological studies from several countries that describe confinement under sentence of death as exquisite psychological torture.
    • The spring rain that she had worshipped before now trickled down the back of her neck like the most exquisite torture.
    • My heart was simultaneously full of exquisite joy and unbearable sadness.
    • They both took quadruple bogey nines and suffered the exquisite torture that golf inflicts on all those who deign to play the game.
    • She found it exquisite torture to have to hold still, to remain kneeling, but somehow she managed.
    • The last eight years working with her had been, to say the least, the most exquisite type of torture.
    • And you wonder, lucid in exquisite agony, how this child will ever be born without tearing you in two,
    • The agony is not quite as exquisite as it has been in the past.