Translation of extensively in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈstɛnsəvli/ /ɪkˈstɛnsɪvli/ /ɛkˈstɛnsɪvli/


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    he's traveled extensively ha viajado por todas partes
    • this technique is used extensively esta técnica es de uso extendido
    • The construction technique was used extensively from little shanties to small village chapels.
    • The extensively used galvanized steel is durable, economical, and virtually maintenance free.
    • Three houses were extensively damaged by the fire.
    • Keith travelled extensively in Scandinavia and Finland.
    • He married her in 1845 and they toured extensively together.
    • The main building was extensively refurbished in 1986.
    • She has performed extensively in various cities throughout British Columbia.
    • These cost estimates vary extensively, ranging from millions to billions of dollars annually.
    • The company has been advertising extensively in Florida.
    • It was a practice that was employed extensively in the early days of Disney.
  • 2

    (thoroughly, at length)
    (research/investigate) exhaustivamente
    she has written extensively on the subject ha escrito mucho sobre el tema
    • we covered the story extensively dimos amplia cobertura al tema
    • Valerian has been studied extensively, with consistently good results.
    • The campaign has been extensively tested with its target audience.
    • It is perhaps the most extensively covered conflict ever.
    • Her work is celebrated and has been extensively documented.
    • The second edition was extensively revised.
    • He wrote his first book at the age of 24, and kept writing intensively and extensively during his whole life.
    • This section quotes extensively from eyewitness testimony.
    • The trial was a public sensation, and extensively reported in The Times.
    • Hayles has extensively explored the theoretical assumptions of communication as information.
    • Jean wrote and spoke extensively about supporting health care professionals involved in medical errors.