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exterminar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈstərməˌneɪt/ /ɪkˈstəːmɪneɪt/ /ɛkˈstəːmɪneɪt/

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verbo transitivo

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    • According to the leadership's orders, bandits were to be exterminated and destroyed.
    • It is an overwhelming fact that so many people could be totally exterminated.
    • Let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request; for we are sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be massacred and to be exterminated.
    • He exterminates his enemies and wipes whole tribes off the map.
    • It's a massacre, they exterminate people for the fun of it.
    • British poets flocked to defend a régime that destroyed 20,000 churches in Spain and tried to exterminate whole classes of society, including 6,832 priests, monks and nuns.
    • Not only did these exterminate whole populations, they also destroyed native faith in their rulers, culture, and gods.
    • The first Assassins were exterminated by the Mongols, a small benefit to be set against the latter's reinforcement of Asiatic despotism in Russia, Central Asia and the Near East.
    • ‘Genocide is the attempt to eliminate, limit or exterminate a religious ethnic national or racial group,’ he said.
    • It was also part of the world-empire of Ghenghis Khan, who once exterminated the Afghan city of Bamiyan to avenge a grandson slain in battle.
    • Macias exterminated a third of his populace before being executed after a 1979 coup.
    • If we accept, that the way of justice, is to exterminate the life of a murderer, then why do we choose such a painful method of killing?
    • Christian missionaries promoted their eradication, and most had been exterminated by the beginning of the 20th century.
    • Developing foetuses cannot be defined as a ‘race’ in any meaningful sense, and a seriously planned attempt to wipe them out would swiftly exterminate the human race.
    • I would lie there and hear the soldiers cursing and shooting whichever people they had randomly decided to exterminate that night.
    • Apart from his desire for even more power, Sejanus was also interested in exterminating the Jews.
    • If they were exterminating British prisoners of war do we seriously think that we wouldn't have done all we could to stop it?
    • And, although Germany eventually lost the country to other foreign powers after the WW I, exterminating those they regarded as their enemies remained a part of their national strategy during war.
    • ‘This level of quite horrific violence which has been perpetrated against the pygmies is part, or was part, of a campaign aimed at exterminating them,’ he said.
    • Koplow concedes that this is the primary reason why some feel strongly about not exterminating the virus stockpiles currently held in the United States and Russia.