Translation of externals in Spanish:


apariencias, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈstəːn(ə)lz/

plural noun

  • 1

    (of people) apariencias feminine
    (of things) aspecto externo masculine
    • They appear different only in externals, just as milk is all the same though it comes from cows of different colour.
    • When we truly forget the self, there is no division between inside and outside, no division between yourself and externals.
    • Perhaps surprisingly, given his genuine good keen man externals, Wilkes also happened to be a lover of ballet and opera - he once went to Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman at Sydney Opera House - and he was a good friend of the artist Tony Fomison.
    • The other is that all those externals only work if you have a fast connection and a job that you're avoiding, neither of which applies in my case.
    • When we form an intention to achieve certain financial goals, or career objectives and we are blocked by either our own feelings of inadequacy, ineptitude, or by externals such as prejudice, the common response is frustration!
    • They are vulnerable to and opposed by older Asian, even African religious traditions that have not disappeared but have managed to adapt the externals of technology and its way of life.
    • While her circumstances were certainly sad, it is quite clear that she was doomed more as a result of her unrealistic thinking, her internal state, than because of her unhappy externals.
    • ONE SHOULD not judge people by the externals; the dress they wear or the kind of leisure activities they prefer does not make them any less Indian than others.
    • Here as elsewhere, Marcus is determined to unlearn the unwise attachments to externals that he has learned from his culture.
    • As Hall points out, Max was lucky all his life, and perhaps as a result the externals of his life are almost as uninteresting as the inner man.
    • My observation over many years is that the common Christian teachings about not being entangled with the world always focus on the externals.
    • As I read it I realize how easily it is to allow externals to influence the reason for this season and thereby influencing other people.
    • Profiling means making smart choices when you have nothing but externals to go by.
    • So, as my vision turns to externals once more, I'm feeling better and happier than I have for a long, long time.
    • ‘I'd rather deal with frank externals than a sham of virtue,’ Flavia hissed.
    • Soul and soul are thus of equal worth, the difference lies in the externals.
    • The senior executive who focuses only on externals out of a desire for self-preservation should be aware that those same self-preservation instincts should be directed internally, as well.
    • Nevertheless, these externals should not detract from the fact that this book is an important contribution to Calvin studies specifically and historical theology generally.
    • Honoring the mystery may bring dishonor to the externals of a relationship and it may elicit the charge of irresponsibility, yet at a deeper level the action may be entirely responsible.
    • The designers’ work inside the building is much more impressive to me than the externals.