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extinción, n.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈstɪŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n/ /ɛkˈstɪŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n/

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    extinción femenino
    • Marine fossil evidence tells of numerous extinctions, global mass extinction, and geochemical events.
    • There have been five major mass extinctions and more than 20 minor mass extinctions.
    • We're facing critical mass extinctions across a whole variety of ecosystems once the two degree level has been crossed, from coral reefs to rainforests.
    • Globally, diversity naturally has increased over time, though the great mass extinctions have decreased it for a while.
    • There have been at least five mass extinctions till now, all by natural forces.
    • Prominent biologists say we're on par with the five previous mass extinctions in the history of life on earth.
    • Are we headed for mass extinctions for animal, bird and plant life?
    • Some explanations for extinctions and evolution include strikes by asteroids or comets.
    • But how do mass extinctions perturb these systems in the first place?
    • We have more difficulty with the concept of mass extinctions.
    • He downplayed the importance of developmental constraints, of mass extinctions, and species selection.
    • The result will be a series of mass extinctions and a dramatic fall in the planet's biodiversity, as well as its ability to support humankind.
    • Regardless of the variables he plugged in, the presence of human hunters triggered mass extinctions.
    • Note that several Cambrian and early Ordovician mass extinctions are not shown here.
    • Unlike previous mass extinctions this current episode is due to the disruptive activities of just one species, man.
    • During these ice ages, the decrease in global temperature led to mass extinctions.
    • I recall hearing some scientist mention that mass extinctions seem to occur in very ordered cycles.
    • Global mass extinctions are usually explained by one or more physico-chemical causes.
    • Each event includes one or more datum points when extinctions and other biotic changes took place.
    • Scientists are sharply divided over what caused the extinction.