Traducción de extol en español:


encomiar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈstoʊl/ /ɪkˈstəʊl/ /ɛkˈstəʊl/

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verbo transitivo extolling, extolled, extolled

(EEUU extoll)
  • 1

    encomiar formal
    ensalzar formal
    • All of them share in their belief in God, turn to Him and extol His praises.
    • Mrs Egan, of North Lane, York, was even moved to pen an elegant exposition extolling her family's enthusiasm for waste.
    • You travel the world praising the discreet charm of an ancient university and extolling the virtues of academic freedom.
    • The manager tends to extol his players, but last night the praise was reserved.
    • Even when extolling the virtues of Linux as a server, the praise is often followed with a few discouraging warnings.
    • Cobbett extolled the Radicalism of Nottingham; Byron sang the praises of the Luddites.
    • She praised me when my grades were good, and extolled me to do better when they weren't.
    • Proposition 36 will not heal the hypocritical heart of a nation that extols the empty pleasures of consumerism while excoriating the unsanctioned ecstasies of illegal drugs.
    • But the Yates case revealed a deep gender divide about the isolation and stress of family and motherhood in a society that extols self-sufficiency as its premiere human value.
    • Glock, for example, extols the virtues of conducting qualitative interviews in preparation for a survey for precisely this kind of reason.
    • He extols the two qualities he most admires, their extreme ‘tolerance’ and the very special value they place on their children.
    • He simply extols the virtues of a book he calls ‘the only truly serious and successful Canadian novel I have read so far this year.’
    • The key to Zweig's own character reveals itself in a passage in which he extols his father and then describes himself.
    • She extols conventions that make civilized society possible.
    • No religions either preaches or extols evil or tolerates evil.
    • It glorifies celebrities, extols riches and promotes glamour.
    • And he still extols the virtues of his central defensive partner but is more self-reliant.
    • At a time when so many carpet-makers are turning to artificial dyes, he extols the virtues of the old ways.
    • Managing to maintain a serious voice throughout, she extols the virtues of the flea in a spooky monotone.
    • He extols the English for their extensive use of roundabouts, which Barbados has adopted.