Traducción de extra-large en español:


extra grande, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɛkstrəˈlɑrdʒ/ /ˌɛkstrəˈlɑːdʒ/


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    extra grande
    • In certain years plums may bear an extra-large crop.
    • We carry extra-large Halloween orange trash bags in our vehicles.
    • That's how much water gushes through a typical top-loading washing machine every time you run an extra-large load.
    • Over the past several decades, fast food marketers have redefined regular-sized servings as extra-large portions.
    • These extra-large cookies contain no cholesterol thanks to a lack of dairy or egg ingredients, not that you can tell!
    • Rick came home with two extra-large deep-dish pizzas with extra cheese.
    • The main bathroom has a white suite with an extra-large jacuzzi bath.
    • Extra-large pizzas are often made rectangular and cut into portions of the same shape.
    • We only have men's extra-large shirts, but you can wear it as a nightshirt.
    • I was sipping an extra-large cup of coffee, with a shot of espresso thrown in for good measure.
    • We picked up a medium, large, and extra-large order of fries.
    • The teens came to a food court, where they were offered an extra-large order of fries, chicken nuggets, chocolate chip cookies and a 20-ounce soda.
    • The redesign also includes extra-large parking spaces, which are about eight feet wide, about a foot wider than a standard slot.
    • Fans could cement themselves into their sofas with an extra-large box of popcorn.
    • I'll be wearing an extra-large pair of headphones.