Traducción de extraordinary en español:


extraordinario, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈstrɔrd(ə)nˌɛri/ /ˌɛkstrəˈɔrdnˌɛri/ /ɪkˈstrɔːd(ə)n(ə)ri/ /ɛkˈstrɔːd(ə)n(ə)ri/ /ˌɛkstrəˈɔːdɪn(ə)ri/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(exceptional)

      (beauty/amount/person) extraordinario
      (stupidity/difficulty) extraordinario
      (stupidity/difficulty) asombroso
      there's nothing very extraordinary in that no tiene nada de extraordinario
      • The second is the gender division of work, she says, looking at the larger issue of why first generation schoolgoers in particular require an extraordinary amount of care and attention.
      • Britain produces an extraordinary amount of commentary, in print, on television and on radio; so much that the production of opinion can seem to be our dominant industry, the thing we are best at and most take to.
      • Platoon leaders and platoon sergeants spend an extraordinary amount of time not on deciding who deserves medals but working on the grammar and presentation of the citation.
      • There are extraordinary amounts of work being done by the Brothers of Charity service in Waterford, to help people with an intellectual disability all around the South East region.
      • Despite the belief in some quarters that an extraordinary amount can be accomplished in a mere seven days, it will take a bit longer for people to come down from the emotions of the election.
      • Change is extremely slow, and even small improvements take extraordinary amounts of time, energy, and money; but small changes can be found.
      • We can do things that otherwise it would take an extraordinary amount of money to do.
      • So sought-after are high-ranking characters and the virtual trinkets that they amass that extraordinary amounts of real-world money are changing hands as they are traded.
      • To them, £500 seemed an extraordinary amount of money for a team with no pedigree, a bunch of unknowns that would do little to entice the supporters through the gates at Inverleith.
      • There has been an extraordinary amount of cooperation between federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, and we're ready.
      • The film had an extraordinary amount of violence.
      • Airline unions have an extraordinary amount of power.
      • Journalists spend an extraordinary amount of time paring the information in their copy down to the bare minimum, especially in the all-important lead paragraph.
      • We pay an extraordinary amount to keep the Art Centre, particularly the Playhouse and this theatre alive and as the spot in Melbourne to go and see good theatre.
      • So, they do rely on snipers to a really extraordinary amount.
      • And I do think that we are getting an extraordinary amount of good information about a very complicated story.
      • The fact that some of the defendants were well-known footballers meant an extraordinary amount of interest in the case but did not affect the decision to prosecute.
      • He said the raid was a result of the Crime Management Unit's two-week investigation into the extraordinary amount of robberies.
      • It's just an extraordinary amount of money for anybody to take home.
      • Now, the defense says that that amount of money is extraordinary.

    • 1.2

      (sight/appearance) (very odd) insólito
      (incredible) increíble
      (incredible) insólito
      it's extraordinary that the mistake wasn't spotted es extraordinario / increíble que no se detectara el error
      • I find it extraordinary that no-one bothered to inform me me parece increíble / insólito que nadie se haya molestado en avisarme
      • how extraordinary! ¡qué increíble!
      • He's an extraordinary father and a remarkable husband, a terrific human being.
      • This extraordinary woman lived a remarkable life.
      • Taken alone, this is not an extraordinary remark.
      • There followed a remarkable journey for an extraordinary man.
      • She was a woman of extraordinary courage and remarkable ability and no one can doubt that Tony Benn was lucky to have found and married her.
      • And they remarked on the extraordinary contrasts of the river where it flows wide and deep for long stretches before being suddenly interrupted by rapids.
      • Her extraordinary remarks came in a speech commemorating the opening of a Greenwich Village campus of the New York University School of Law.
      • Weaver's biography brings forth the life of an extraordinary talent and her remarkable career.
      • Given their unusual appearance and extraordinary biology, it is not surprising that Asians have credited sea horses with magical powers.
      • In an rare and extraordinary moment of role reversal, I stand sagging beside the counter, waiting for an assistant to return, while she shoots off to look at napkins.
      • And it was an amazing, extraordinary moment there at the Redwood City courthouse.
      • As a sense grew that this would be the last night, St Peter's witnessed remarkable scenes of extraordinary emotional intensity.
      • It is, as Byrne observes, extraordinary that such a remarkable personality should, until now, have escaped attention.
      • They were faced with a remarkable, extraordinary, exhibition of magnanimity.
      • Indeed, the general lack of panic is, it seems to me, extraordinary, remarkable, and deeply moving.
      • Sometimes it has been a sincere feeling that an ordinarily appropriate remark is inappropriate at this extraordinary moment.
      • That, in my book, is highly unusual, extraordinary, and a new phenomenon in party politics.
      • There was no fireman's rule in English law requiring firemen to accept the ordinary risks incidental to fighting a fire, having claims only in respect of unusual or extraordinary risks.
      • You should develop the unusual, extraordinary attitude of wishing that all their sufferings ripen upon yourself.
      • The film has moments of extraordinary complexity presented with unbelievable simplicity.

  • 2

    • 2.1Administración Política

      (powers/meeting) extraordinario
      • Immediately after the public meeting, Durrington parish council convened an extraordinary meeting and voted to oppose the English Heritage application.
      • A move to dissolve the society and distribute assets was defeated at an extraordinary meeting convened by Mr Kelly in July that year.
      • The prince also said he will convene an extraordinary session if it is necessary to finalize the bill.
      • Archbishop Brady made his comments at a press conference following the extraordinary meeting of the Catholic Bishops in Maynooth yesterday.
      • An extraordinary session was convened last Friday to enable the government to extend the Japanese antiterrorism law by another two years.

    • 2.2(in titles of persons)

      • It states that the Ambassador Extraordinary was "considerably astonished" to be called upon to pay 600 francs for the hire of carriages.
      • This Ambassador extraordinary was issued a red (diplomatic) passport as well.