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extrasolar, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɛkstrəˈsoʊlər/ /ˌɛkstrəˈsəʊlə/

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    extrasolar planet planeta extrasolar
    • The creation interpretation affects our understanding of the origin of our solar system and of extrasolar planets.
    • The first definitive extrasolar planet around a main sequence star was announced on 6 October 1995 by Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz; the star was 51 Pegasi.
    • Nevertheless, this unique observing technique opens a new phase in the exploration of exoplanets, or extrasolar planets, say astronomers.
    • Based on extrasolar planet discoveries in our own stellar neighborhood, astronomers predicted that seventeen planets should have been discovered.
    • By the early twenty-first century, extrasolar planets have been found orbiting almost seventy solar-mass stars in the nearby region of the galaxy.