Translation of extraterrestrial in Spanish:


extraterrestre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛkstrətəˈrɛstriəl/ /ˌɛkstrətəˈrɛstrɪəl/

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    (life) extraterrestre
    (exploration) del espacio
    • I suggest that green fireballs may be extraterrestrial probes entering our atmosphere.
    • A former teacher founded the cult in 1969 and claimed to have shielded earth from extraterrestrial invasion on numerous occasions.
    • The researchers still didn't detect extraterrestrial microorganisms on Earth.
    • Richard and Scott both believed there was extraterrestrial life beyond Earth.
    • Not far from the site of delivery of Earth's first extraterrestrial calling card was a pretty little dell.
    • Obviously if UFOs are as rampant as people claim, SETI would be overloaded with messages of extraterrestrial intelligence.
    • But, Sagan was also known for his optimistic search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
    • Despite the likelihood that humans are alone in the universe, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence will continue, said famed scientist Jill Tarter.
    • One additional data point about how frequently life occurs in the universe is not going to settle any debates about extraterrestrial intelligence.
    • Meteorites, on the other hand, are extraterrestrial material that have made it to Earth's surface and can weigh many tons.
    • I have nothing against scientific surveys scanning the heavens for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.
    • Meanwhile, belief in extraterrestrial intelligences continues to grow with an almost religious fervour.
    • The period of these signals was so precise that they were initially thought to be signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.
    • Scientists are of two minds regarding the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.
    • As only Earth meets this requirement, there is no extraterrestrial life in the solar system.
    • It appears increasingly likely that there are extraterrestrial environments that could support Earth organisms.
    • No other robotic spacecraft has ever collected extraterrestrial material and returned it to Earth.
    • Other sources of high iridium concentrations are extraterrestrial objects, such as meteorites or comets.
    • It is possible that the increase of stardust in the Solar System will influence the amount of extraterrestrial material that rains down to Earth.
    • Organic molecules, such as amino acids, organic acids, and sugars have been observed in material from extraterrestrial sources in the solar system.